Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Made by Tyler:

We currently offer this features on heavy aircraft and do not have currently plans to add them to the smaller aircraft unless they have jettison capabilities in the real world. If they do but that is not supported in Infinite Flight we may evaluate it down the road.


okay, i thought that fuel dump also an option was in the A320/A321 series.

im sorry…


The main reason we don’t support it for that aircraft family is because it doesn’t support it in real life :)


does the new system count for boeing planes and airbus


Like said above, the CRJ family as well as some Boeing and Airbus planes like the 737 and a3 19 20 and 21 do not have fuel dump 👍👍


I have a quick question. This may sound dumb, but I do not know. What is the FPV (flight path vectoring) button for in the cockpit for?


You can find all of the information here:


Really happy with how FDS has been doing the CRJ. I think these types of releases really keep the interests on an aircraft instead of releasing all the variants at once. Felt the subsequent updates following the CRJ700 have been very smooth compared to some hotfixes needed in previous aircraft updates. Really hope FDS sticks to this form of releasing new aircraft. It kept the excitement up throughout the entire process I believe and you didnt see such a drop off with the CRJ usage as you have seen previous aircraft.


I know right? Can’t wait to get flying!


Loving the game. Loving the update. All the amazing work that the devs do deserves applause. Can I ask though is there a current map of where the HD (15m) imagery is available. Have checked around but can’t find one more recent than ca Dec ‘17.


@DadaBull Check out the 18.2 Release post in #announcements


Brilliant. That was before I joined and I missed that. Thanks.


It‘s on the top of their Instagram profile as well.


Awesome Update Thank You!! Can We See The A330 Updated Next?


Vote for it here. Please refrain from posting about other features that are not in this update while in this topic.


This was one of the best updates yet after global


That is awesome! Look at how far we’ve come along with Infinite Flight. I can wait for what’s to come next!!


Just made a movie featuring all the CRJ models thanks again FDS


It’s TBM and A-10 rework the next… -_-



Yes, I think an Airbus Family (except the a320) rework it would be fantastic!