Infinite Flight 18.4 Release

Really am loving the CRJ200 so far! Also love the placement of the systems tab, makes flying much easier for me, just need to get used to the globe map again.


Special pic to Infinite Flight

As a thank you from me. Because FDS has updating to version 18.4, and the update is very interesting. Many Indonesians are very enthusiastic and happy with this latest update😁🙂😍😉


Me too!
This is going to be awesome!

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I appreciate this update and love the CRJ family. Infinite Flight is really doing an incredible job with this sim! The frequency of the updates is outstanding (unlike some other sims). We just keep getting new features and aircraft throughout the year. Fantastic! Great job…


Okay, thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it.

Like the new UI a lot

Loving the new update 👍👍👍

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nice update… but… i miss the “dump fuel” button…

I think its there…you just have to scroll down a bit and you will see it.

Make sure you are not looking a “dump fuel” option for a Citation…


i cant scroll down…

Which aircraft are you using?

all !!! i miss that option in system!

sorry i cant upload a photo… but i dont see the option…

I am not asking a photo. Just tell me the aircraft you are using :)

Dash 8

i miss the option at all the planes.

There was never an option for all planes

Fuel dumping is only possible with heavies (B747, A380, A340,…). The only aircraft you mentioned that is capable of fuel dumping is the A380. Don’t forget that you have to be in the air (above 7000ft AGL) to be able to dump fuel.

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at the B787-8 i see the option fuel dump… allright.

but non in the airbus…

Made by Tyler:

We currently offer this features on heavy aircraft and do not have currently plans to add them to the smaller aircraft unless they have jettison capabilities in the real world. If they do but that is not supported in Infinite Flight we may evaluate it down the road.

okay, i thought that fuel dump also an option was in the A320/A321 series.

im sorry…

The main reason we don’t support it for that aircraft family is because it doesn’t support it in real life :)