Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Interesting, I’m so disappointed that this update didn’t include call signs for Peach air or Wow. But I have been waiting for the crj.


The callsigns were added, there was just a logistical error with the release… we’ll expose them in the next update (or hotfix if we have one). Sorry about that!


Awesome update. Love the CRJ200!


It’s a tricky one compared to the other variants! Mark has a tutorial on production now. You’ll see it soon (I need it too).


Amazing update, thank you! This sim just keeps getting better. Great to see another SkyTeam livery in the mix.


It’s been discussed before many times, Laura has said that FDS does not go by what people request with the voting system, but rather what aircraft us users fly.


If that was the case they wouldn’t have made the effort to change it into a voting system and I think I see where this is coming from. That was not fully implied so I would not go on to spread false statements.


Is it wrong that my favorite part of this update is that the FPV can be switched off? I’m pumped about the CRJ additions but I’m beyond thrilled about the FPV switch lol


How about you download it? You’ll enjoy it a lot more!


The CRJ-200 handles really well especially takeoff.


Updated my review, still 5 stars of course. 🙂


I knl2 you can’t wait to try the new ATC feature.Have fun using it!


That ls funny I just did and there is a tutorial I am reading was just about to withdraw ;).


You know that there are people out there who just bash Infinite Flight for “some reason”…

My question is, how could you even begin to bash this flight simulator and FDS when they are
Delivering quality products In a fashionable time?

Most of the negative reviews on the Apple Store have to do with either the price of this flight simulator or how long updates, etc are… Like it’s just sad that those are the things that are holding Infinite Flight back from being a near 5 Star app…

Great work FDS once again… Just know that we thank you for everything that you do… (Even @Cameron when he adds bugs)


I love the new update! 5 stars of course! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It`s really impressive to see how much IF has change over the years, since I bought it back in 2013!

Well done FDS and thank you!


I just want to say that the CRJ-200 is one of the best aircraft I have ever landed on this simulator. It is very stable and just glides in with ease. Great job FDS with the work you did with this one.


I agree 100% with What you said


It’s a shame, they’re the same people that would win the lottery and then complain about the taxes… I’m sure they’ll never be on this forum either, and that’s a huge part of the experience. Its not just the simulator itself but the comradery between all of us users and the sharing of our combined knowledge to enjoy and learn together. It’s amazing what everyone in this group together with FDS has been able to do over the years. It blows my freaking mind.


I shall await with great anticipation for the new industry standard…the world renown KR Test Labs to release their final reports !!!


The CRJ-200 runs so smooth this is just amazing! And I buttered it so easily