Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Actually, it already appeared on the CRJ-900 with the other recent functionalities such as the main, cargo doors that could open and way more viewpoints. They used to call it “Actions”.

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What does the flight vectors button do?


Please check out this tutorial made by our dear Chris_S.


It’s when your screen starts to freeze for a few seconds from time to time. Sometimes it may come from the location of the server (where Infinite Flight is based) and sometimes it might come from your device with reasons that could include running the application on low memory or not having a really good WiFi connection.


Now you offended @Chris_S


He’ll get over it. xd @schyllberg


Already did a flight between Ottawa and New York in the air Canada CRJ 200! Not my best takeoff…


It’s a Really Great Update Thanks IF


I think you mean pat on the back, sir
same meaning, tho, I guess :)


Thanks FDS for update. New features are great! ;)


Yep I know, it’s great


Thank you guys so much for this update!


This looks great, nice job.


I am so excited. Thank you so much FDS.


Belavia 😍 Thanks FDS


Great update, I like the new HUD options, only problem is on iOS the systems button is right above the AP button so you’re going to hit that accidentally more now.



So, I don’t know how to fly the CRJ-200 😂😂

It’s a very different feel then the -900. Mark, time to make another CRJ tutorial for the -200 & -1000 😁🤣


What a surprise! Will be nice for the FNF tonight.


Once again thank you developers for a job well done, keep up the good work. It is well worth the money!!


Thank you for the great work! Love the new UI and the new CRJ200 and 1000! Looking forward to what is to come! Time to go leave a review on the App Store.