Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


So you don’t have pro?


I do have pro but no a good fps.


Whats challenging about not knowing where your AC is heading?


The IF livery looks really stunning, it truly does. I can’t wait to fly this aircraft.


Oh. I was just confused hehe. You should try restarting your device once in a while and charge it full battery that will help. What phone do you have


AA or Delta. The united one looks good but not as good since it is the old livery


Yah. I’m still on vacation so when I get back I’ll.
And I’m using ipad.


Has anybody in the United States, been able to update? Don’t know if it’s on a time zone thing or what but just wasn’t able to find an update!


I have the update, Maybe it is a time zone thing idk, i’m on the east coast.


Ahh, west coast boi right here, that seems like the issue, Thanks so much though!


Sure thing, I got it about an hour or two ago here so maybe like another hour for you? Best of luck ;)


Definitely does! Looks better in it than any other aircaft in my opinion.


Just passed my final for ASL and now I’m getting this!!


I asked the same thing, just search on the IFC FPV question


Is IF amazing or is IF amazing?? I dont know which to choose


I’m gonna go with the first one 😂


You guys! Infinite Flight gets better every time! I’m super excited! Thank you for all of us work you do!


it released, I just got it


That’s really cool. Continue with those great updates.


Does anybody Know what FPV: Flight Plan Vector
does for you in the sim?