Infinite Flight 18.4 Release


Not all liveries get added. The amount of votes a feature request gets tells FDS sort of what we the community want so they some of that and mix along with what they want to add, it’s to give us a variety in choice. It’s a 50/50. Hopefully in the future the livery you are hoping for is going to exist in IF.


Which livery are you referring too?


Would love to know the crj percent of users in the next 24hrs!

Great work, look forward to seeing new atc in work


I believe they are referring to the TAM 777.




We haven’t worked on the 777 in this update (or any aircraft apart from the CRJ200 and CRJ1000). We hear your demand for this livery and it’ll certainly be considered when we get to reworking those aircraft


It’s not a guarantee. Just look at the A330 rework thread and it is the most voted feature on the forum, but still no rework. It all depends on what the Devs see fit. Besides, plenty of future updates to come!😊


Thank you @Cameron and @schyllberg for your attention, I’m sorry if it seemed to be a bit rude, but many Brazilians and even Americans and Europeans look forward to this livery. Anyway, we’re not waiting. Good job guys!


I did not even expect an update to come out today! Perfect way to start my first KDAL flight with a brand new system page!!!

Thanks FDS!!!


For those of you on an apple device, your update should be in the AppStore now. Make sure to update, and while your waiting for the app to update, drop a quick 5 star review for this amazing update!


Good job guys wish you the best and we always support you 👏🏽👏🏽

And please do not forget Kuwait Airways 777 in your next updates 👏🏽


Well, I’ve got a question. Is there any change/new feature to the Training Server? Cuz Laura’s Instagram Post just says “NewUpdateHype”. Is there any change or anything new?


A flight on the new delta crj200!!


Is the fps on crj family better or no?
But Iove this!! Can’t wait to go home:)


What do you mean? Flight planning system? Or flight progress strip? I’m pretty sure it’s the other one


Is it me or is the passengers view a bit low?


Fps=Frame rate per second:)


Oh! I’m dumb. I’m not sure


When I set it on high, it’s laggy.


I would say that it’s basically the same thing except the graphics are more detailed on the Crj 200! Never expected that I would say that