Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Here is a listing of ALL completed airports as of 2-Jul-2018


I love the new A320 suspensions and wingflex! It is such a good aircraft now!


Just tried the CRJ 900, have no complaints good job all. Keep up the hard work!


They aren’t in the game, eh @Kilt_McHaggis? Just done, and awaiting to be added soon?


No, ALL of these are now in the simulator, approx 2,500 now!

New Scenery Update

Great! Love this simulator


Glad you like it! Welcome to the forum by the way. Let me know if you have any questions via PM 🙂


I really like the new update
But would the 737 get a rework like how the
And a318


This isnt really the place to post requests for new planes #features is the advised place to post these, remember to check it isn’t a duplicate and that your post contains a photo and details about the airplane thanks


Chuck a vote on this if you would like the 737 to be reworked