Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Your complaints are exactly why I’m heavily vouching for FDS to open community contribution for livery creation just like airport reworks.

Ryan could probably make tutorials on YouTube on how to make high quality liveries, just like the airport editing team has.

Ryan could then supervise livery submissions to ensure they’re perfect and realistic, just like the airport editing team.

This would make it much easier and faster for FDS to push new liveries.

I’m not saying take away Ryan’s job, I’m saying promote him to supervisor and make a small team of hand picked designers who have a skill in designing to contribute.

Designers could go around the forum and cater to the lesser popular livery requests to ensure variety and diversity in the livery list.


New Allegiant! For the A320! Before used to be only 757…


Actually that is a brilliant idea on the paper, but making liveries in IF is hard work. However i’m totally in for that, it is a good idea for us to make liveries when we KNOW how to do it perfectly.


I feel your pain with you. There have been a few African Airline Livery requests and some of them almost a year old and still nothing yet there’s a Frontier A319 livery added but no feature request for it. It pains me to see these requests being ignored/ not added. There is only one African based VA operating in IFC and they only have the CRJ, A346, Dash8 and 742 as liveries in their fleet of 10 different aircraft while other airlines have all their aircraft covered in their fleet.

I believe that with more liveries added more African based VA’s will start up because no one wants to reprsent a VA with no livery.


Good work guys. Thanks for your effort.
I have to admit that I really like the Eurowings livery on the A319 as we’re seeing EW so often in Europe.



Most of the user we would like to have more and more liveries of our local airlines that why we could complain most of us but I think its not the right after the last 3 updates of IF. About Africa, there are a Tunisair Express CRJ 900 in the last update and of course others airlines in prev. updates like various Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, SAA, Royal Air Maroc, Tunisair, Ceiba Intercontinental that i remember at this moment.


There are no plans to allow user-contributed liveries, so that idea is off the table, I’m afraid. This is a very complex issue and would take time away from building other important features that people want so badly!

Designing Your Own Liveries for Infinite Flight

This is nice to see. That’s at least 6 African liveries which to me seems like a great start!


Those frontier liveries were made by Ryan and haven’t taken away anything from development. It’s a bonus livery if you like which you can enjoy… or not.


You’re misunderstanding my point, I meant user-contributed liveries not as custom liveries for VA’s and such, I don’t support that idea either. I meant volunteers helping design real world liveries corresponding real world aircraft that matches to the aircraft fleet in IF.


Ah yes, you’re right. I did misunderstand. I’m sorry but this isn’t something that’s being considered currently either but thank you for your interest. 🙂 We’ll note this in case there is ever a way to implement it successfully.

Designing Your Own Liveries for Infinite Flight

The biggest problem I currently see with that would be the program they use to create the liveries. Most game developers use Autodesk Maya and they might have to switch the program, which in turn would take a lot of time. If they had to change the file that they use


You can mimic the already implemented and successful program of IFAE.

We begin by selecting a few designers from the community who have basic photoshop skills and image processing knowledge. Ryan uploads a few tutorials on YouTube explaining step by step the process of designing 4K liveries from start to finish. A repository of pending/in works/completed can be made where the chosen volunteers can submit liveries. Ryan supervises the entire process and pushes the submitted liveries which meet the set quality standards.


Livery painting mostly requires photoshop. Although it’s a paid software, there are competent alternatives like GIMP which are free and open source. There are free and open source 3D softwares like blender as well so file formats shouldn’t be a problem as these can usually open files of other softwares as well.


I’m pretty sure that it’s a lot harder then said


Thanks for your thoughts and suggestion. I would suggest moving this to the features category although for now it’s not something we’ll be doing.


Oh Ok I didn’t know you could just use Photoshop. I haven’t gotten big into that kind of thing but it is a good idea.


What are some of the new airports?


@PilotCool As stated in the original pod, FDS will list the new edited airports later on.


It seems like every time infinite flight begins getting old, FDS finds a way to fix the problem. Take that X-plane.