Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


I think they look at their customers actually. I am positive that most of the people flying on IF is from North-America and Europe, and that is why the majority of the airlines are from US/Canadian/EU countries


Have you ever been to Africa? That is a very stereotypical thing to say. Sure Africa is not economically developed, but that is no excuse to back up your defending position. There are plenty of airlines in Africa. Before saying anything do some research.

Back on topic now 🙃.


Hope the next rework is the A-330 series btw amazing job!!1


Nice update. I want more south america liveries in next update.


Are there plans to update the Boeing 737-777 fleets with wingflex & gear animations as well?

A lot of the Boeing’s don’t even have moving rudder pedals in the cockpit. An update to the Boeing fleet would be awesome


I love the update that includes wing flex, suspension and the steering capabilities. Sometimes the small stuff that adds realism makes things much better in my opinion.


As FDS stated many times, in the future they plan to bring all of their models up to the level of the CRJ (as best as they can) but this will take a while


The only thing we need now is the better frame rate!!


I hope they update the 737 next with splits, wingflex, more liveries.


Such ignorance is why we can’t ever achieve equality in all spheres of human life.


I’m just sad that we don’t have deer added yet. 😢 or animals for that matter.

I believe ignorance would be an unfair and inaccurate word to use. I think “setting priorities” and “utilizing the information that is available” would be more aligned to what’s currently being added.

Don’t take it as FDS being biased, because they’re not. The favorites card is never being played.


The facts paint a different picture. The simple fact of the matter is that for some people to get their choices much faster, other’s choices would have to be marginalized and it always seems to be people of a certain area


Look, in addition to what Deer has stated, I think you are taking this too personally. You can call me ignorant, you can say I am stereotyping, but that doesn’t mean me or FDS are that. They are doing their best, and it’s not easy. Up until a few months ago, South America had the same problem. An equally poor part of the world had barely any liveries and edited airports. Now, FDS has made some tremendous progress. Just wait, and have patience.


Thats fair, and I respect your opinion. If that’s the case, then I’ll politely direct you to the #features category for you to express your interest in African based liveries. Truth be honest, not many folks are either aware of or creating feature requests for said liveries. Could that be a reason why these liveries aren’t being added? Possibly. But you have the chance to help expand the livery diversity by creating these feature requests and bringing them to the attention of the developers.

Again, expressing your interest and making these liveries more aware to others will let the developers know that things are being left out. They’re eager for your feedback, but with all due respect, complaining or putting words in others mouths isn’t fair to other community members or FDS.


I do make sure to include facts when making my points and I’m sure you would agree with me that not all the additions were subject to votes as some had little or no votes at all. All I am asking is for inclusion for everyone no matter the location.


Dear developers and Staff would like to thank all the developers of infinite flight you guys are awesome without you my life would be so boring. Playing this sim every day and I enjoy every second of it and without you I wouldn’t find me so awesome friends to share my passion of aviation with THANK YOU!!! #Infiniteflight


I can’t agree more Joseph :)


Maybe this might help:

I suspect there is a correlation between the liveries added and the world population of these aircraft by airline!


Ok, so it’s installing now. I don’t know how I did 2 full days without IF! sarcasm


this is the Airbus a320neo??? Brother