Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Thank you so much for the Air Canada A321. The plane is a beauty.


I guess we Africans aren’t important enough to have enough liveries in IF. After getting nothing with the A320 & B737 livery updates, we are to make do with only 2 liveries with the CRJs. Smh

Expert ATC Schedule • 18.3 Week!

Wing flex on the 777 would be good next as well. And also if the middle ailerons would work too!


Do. Not. Request. Stuff. Here!!



Guys do not use this as way to request features, we have a category for that where you can vote and create your requests respectively. Let’s keep this thread clear for any posts related to the Update.



thank you!!! I’m very anxious and happy I can not wait to see it all


Yes, I agree, my friend, always improving.


My review is on the App Store under the name ‘cazmas’. Hoped there were more stars I could have given the fantastic IF dev’s for this amazing sim which has given all of us so much pleasure and excitement!


Did you turn on the autothrottle?

This may seem like a simple solution, but you’d be surprised how many people set their altitude and VS and disregard their speed. If you didn’t have enough throttle power, it’s very likely you could’ve stalled. Are you still experiencing the same problem?


I know everyone one at ACVA is eager to fly the A321 and the CRJ900


I was going 240kts below 10,000ft


Which new livery has that hideous satanic looking unicorn !!!


I knew I wasn’t tripping when KLAX was looking a little different. Wing Flex has been around since the release of the Boeing 787-8, -9, & -10. I would expected it to arrive on the Boeing 737 Variants & Other Aircrafts before arriving on the A320 Series. Either way it goes Wing Flex is Still Nice.


Wow! FDS team did a great job with this update, I’m loving the wing flex in the A320 series. I’m just a bit disappointed that no African liveries were added but all in all this was an enjoyable update. Well done FDS team, keep up the good work.


Did anyone actually say that? Have you made a proper request or do you just want to complain in a update post?

Dear developers Thank you so much

I feel your pain man! We Venezuelans only have two liveries (only on the DC10) as well, but also keep in mind they have so much to do at once and they’re a really small team that makes everything in house. I’m sure in the future we’ll see more from our countries and many more!


Awesome update so far, thanks to all the devs and contributors for their work.

Also, I just noticed that the pilot “dummy” that is now sitting in the A320’s Captain’s chair is a woman. I wholeheartedly approve of and appreciate this nod toward gender equity in the aviation community. 😎👍


I completely agree with your point. But I don’t think that they don’t add it because Africa is not important.

Rather, I think it’s because it’s an economically underdeveloped continent, and so there are relatively few flights and airlines in it. That makes it difficult to have a large variety of liveries.


Did they update the physics of the A320?


No as the physics are accurate and there is no need for a physics update. Their data came from real world A320 family pilots