Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Fantastic can’t wait to use the new features


Just the ones I remember:
OIBB Buschehr Iranian F14 Base
LIPA Aviano Italy, a great starting point for F16s to soar the alps
EGNV Brize Norton, C130s and C17th of the RAF
ENOL Oreland Station in Norway
Over 16 airports in Japan, you can find a list in the „Project Japan“ thread in Development categorie.


Yeah, KLAX has been updated big time also! And my home airport KSBA.


Since the update I have been experiencing a considerable amount of lag on the A320 family. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this and if it’s just me, is their a way to solve it.
Device: IPad (2017)
iOS software: 11.4


Wait, KSBA is your home airport??? I just did a cross country their from KSEE irl.


Thank you FDS!! I was so surprised when I turn on my tablet this morning. The wait is always worth it for the level of quality you deliver. What a year for IF so far!


Yes there is a frame rate drop in the A320 family just as there is in the CRJ family. It was stated that as more optimizations come the frame rate should improve


Oops just created a topic, I’ll see what everyone else says as well. Thank you!


KSJC also got a huge update. Nice to see Infinite Flight going ahead of time to update KSJC before the real world finishes updating it. :)


Thanks for the update but I noticed the arik air crj-900 was not included in the livery list and according to the Sim Expo thread the livery was confirmed. This was a livery i was really looking forward to fly in.
List of liveries confirmed
CRJ 900 Liveries: 15
Air Canada (New Livery)
Air One
American Eagle
Arik Air
China Express Airlines
Delta Airlines
Iraqi Airways
Lufthansa Cityline
Lufthansa Regional (Old)
Lufthansa Regional (New)
NextGen CRJ900
Northwest Airlines
Scandinavian Airlines


Man you beat me too it. I was just about to say the same thing.


I always enjoy new updates and liveries but sadly again no SAA liveries added to the A319/20 aircraft with this update. I’m grateful for the wingflex though. Thanks FDS


I actually just noticed it


Seriously I would actually like to know why the Arik air livery was not added


Its likely that the livery was never confirmed by a FDS employee/staff member. All images and videos you saw were taken by fan and other community pilots. With that information, it does not mean that it was a confirmation and not a guarantee that what you saw would make it into the final release.

Hope that cleared up some misunderstandings should they exist. Let me know if I need to clarify anything else further. 🙂


So unbelievably happy that the Airbus series continues to get attention as well as the fab CRJ. Great job guys.


Thanks for clearing things up


Wow great update! Love the A320 even moe now with wing flex… Im out of words. Great Job! Maybe next update there could be some African liveries…please. Other than that the FDS continues to blow me away! Great Job!


I feel like the A320 AP is broken… I set my ALT and VS and it just pitches all the way and stalls


I think it’s just you because my autopilot is working fine

Try restarting your device, and if that doesn’t work reinstall the app

Let me know how you go
Regards, Josh