Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Yaaaaassss, best update ever!!! New livery for my home country (Aer Lingus) and I’ve been waiting to fly the Lufthansa CRJ from various German cities to various Swiss cities!

Thank you everyone at FDS, you’ve really made my day!


It’s a very detailed aircraft! Future IF
ptimisations will continue to work towards making things quicker!


Does this essentially mean that there is a reduction in battery usage needed resulting in longer periods of Infinite Flight before plugging in? Or am I missing something?


I guess it won’t do much, because when you think about it, you not really going to be close enough to other aircraft to see them during a long flight, unless you are doing a long haul convoy or something, but let’s see what Jason says about it.


Could someone pls tell me what’s different about the airports!


Yessss! Made my day!


Noice… the wingflex tho… 777 wing flex? Or anything to be honest


No issues with iOS 12 beta here.
I got the update and it’s working fine.


I got it. The new quality of the a320 family is astounding.
It is great seeing the leaps and bounds FDS has made since I got the app.


Was the removal of the flaps lever animation on the A320 family purposeful or a glitch?

I see that FDS fixed the flap lever animation on the CRJ though so that’s nice!


I noticed that too… Seems as though the A318/19/20 flaps animations don’t work, whereas the A321’s does.


I have the update, but I still want to ask…
Is the update prioritized by location? Because I heard that people in Europe were scheduled to receive it first. (Plus the random or not fact that Laura was having a vaca in Paris.)


I’m not quite sure but i did say earlier today that i personally believe that they prioritize it by device type.
But you are correct one sense that i who live in Europe got the update before most others did here on the forum. If you scroll up you’ll see that i confirmed getting before others were posting that they got theirs…

There has been cases where people with the same device, one gets and the other doesn’t. They are living in two different parts of world which is where your question does fit in well, is it prioritized my region or not.

Then again Apple takes longer to review the update which we iOS users are familiar with, i checked up on my phone (Galaxy S8) which i don’t play IF on but it had the update rolled out before my iPad did where i do play on.

Then it’s also a staged rollout which has been mentioned many times, which you also probably know about so it could be a little bit of both, device type and your current location of region.


Ok that sounds pretty logical. Thank you for the response!


I would go see the update. But right now I have the app deleted because I don’t have enough time to fly.

But I bet this would be a good update. Wingflex to the A320 fam is also very nice. And one more to the CRJ family.


The way I was under the impression it worked was that it was released at say 9 PM for everybody, so ifvyou are comparing EU to US then EU did get it first, but at the same time if you understand that…


By this point in time, the update should have been patched to all android and iOS Devices.

As always, your continued patience has been appreciated and thanks to everyone that has trusted in me to provide them with assistance.

Happy flying everyone


Good day Pilot and ATC!

As a friendly reminder, if you guys are enjoying the new update and if you haven’t done so already, head over to your App Store or Play Store and drop a hot 5 star rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The developers would greatly appreciate your feedback for future updates to come and it is extremely important to the success of this app moving forward.

Also, be sure to share some screenshots that you folks may capture of the new liveries and new aircraft on the Best Infinite Flight Photos Thread. Folks on this community would love to see new and different perspectives.

Happy flying and enjoy the new update!

-Matt 🙂



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