Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Guys if your still waiting for the update on android like I have been all night, go to your phone settings, apps and find the google play store app, click on it and press force stop. I then went back to refresh my updates page and the infinite flight update was there.


Thanks for the advice. Just found the update… @Dannyshaw24


Thank you so much. It worked.


How do I pin my last message to help other android users so they don’t have to repeatedly ask questions about the update?


I have the update both on my iPad and samsung.


Didn’t work, unfortunately.

It would have been strange if it did, since you can refresh the page from the app.

Just have to wait for the update to roll out everywhere.


This isn’t going to work for everybody. To be honest, it would surprise me if it worked for even a few people. Stopping and restarting the PlayStore won’t magically make an update appear for every single user, or I would have suggested it hours ago.

Yes they are 😜

Just hang in there people, the wait for global was longer than this! As always, patience is key.


Thank you very much it worked!


There we go! Update out for ios! Great job FDS, big thanks ;)


Congratulations and thank you to the team, it’s fantastic ! 🙏🏼


Just got back into Vegas for the update! It’s 1AM Here!


The Android update just arrived.
I’m in the Netherlands.


The Android Update cames 10 Minute after the releas information… I life in German


Yes I believe Europe was one of the first to get the update


Is there a list of airports being updated in 18.3 release somewhere on the forum? I have only found one so far, it’s KFLG. I would like to visit couple of other 160 airports updated in 18.3 release.


I am currently driving through Germany, funny thing: I receive the notification once crossed the border


Great work FDS! I like new features!


Absolutely in love with the wing flex on the A320 family!
Hope to see the same on the 777 and A330 when they are updated


Every aircraft except the crj has a good frame rate with everything set to high but with the crj I get a relly bad frame rate. Any one having the same issue(I don’t think it’s an issue though:))


There are plenty and I think there will be a separate announcement for that, we’ve got 12 new ones in Brazil, EDDF got a rework as well as KLAX and I added a few capitals around the world e.g. in Armenia or Botswana. I honestly lost track of all the airports done since there are quite many this time