Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Yes the A321s extra flap panel is an amazing touch. Have you noticed the longer spoiler too?


Yeah, I am so excited to fly it more tomorrow as it’s almost midnight. Goodnight and thanks again FDS!


For those interested in the new wing flex on the A320 family
Here’s a video I made

The ending is the best part 🙂


Yes I’ll be flying this all day tomorrow. It’s such an amazing bird, I think it’s quality is now on par with the 787.


Excluding cockpit yes it is 787 level, one hopes this is finally the end of love for the A320, and time to move on to things the community has requested. Livery wise because we already know what the next few things are


Definently. These reworks that come slowly over a couple of months are really neat.


I think about this all yesterday, and then today it gets released. Same with the 18.2. My predictions are just so on point!


I was having a chat in the VA slack and I said I think the 900 and some new liveries will be this weekend. And what do ya know. Kinda funny, I could just sort of feel it coming.


Look forward in CYYZ…


I know! It’s freaky.
I was just thinking about it earlier tonight, and look what happened! I must have a spider sense or something ;)

I obviously need some sleep pulling jokes as bad as this ;)


I predicted to my self this morning that an update will be today lol


I was actually serious though! Love the update. :-)


Love the update! Thanks FDS!


Love the update. Hopefully no known issues!!


Great to hear!

A few small ones, but nothing major :) Nothing we can’t fix.


Gave another 5 stars on the App Store, great work as always team!


Cleared for arrival! Be safe…


Thanks! I don’t need to tell you how much we appreciate that :)


Go to sleep Seb! you’ve earned it

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May not always appear the point, But I PVC