Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Android update where are you at? ;-;


I gave all you you devs a big fat 5 star rating in the App Store.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Is it normal for the a321 to have its nose gear not turn after 100 knots?


Why would you have to turn a plane going 100 knots? :/
(On the ground)


While taking off and stay center? Also the speed is to slow for rudder and ailerons to kick in and work


It’s normal for all aircrafts, and have been for quite some time :)

The faster you go, the less sensitive will the nose gear be to rudder inputs.
Line up straight to begin with, and staying there won’t be a problem.


Basically what schyllberg said


When will the update be available on the Google Play Store?


@schyllberg just asking I’m not begging any update on android cause I don’t have it


@schyllberg does not have any control over releases, it is Androids problem at this point.


From what I gather, play store are saying it’s not been shipped to all android devices


Thanks FDS Team for all the hard work. I just got the update to my I Phone here in Charlotte, NC.


Google play said contact developer


Honestly I dont blame them for the slow rollout, I couldnt imagine everybody dowloading it at the same time…craaassshhh lol. Patiently waiting and this forum is intresting enough that its well worth it haha


It’s a staged release, just stay patient and it will reach you eventually :)

Update not find / doesn't work.

Thanks so much. The new flap movement on the a320 series is great. That new Air Canada Livery is Hawt. Hopefully it’s added to the other planes. Great work though, it makes it easier to buy a subscription wit the level of detail expressed. Looking forward to the future of IF


I have a co-pilot in the A320 series, so cool.


Ok I am going to bed hopefully in the morning I’ll get it


I’m pretty sure you will! Good night!


The flaps on the A321 and the wing flex is just amazing! It feels like a completely new airplane, definitely worth the 5 star rating