Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


Yes! I love the Boeing 737. Literally my favourite plane. No one likes Airbus


Did anyone else see that the side stick now has an animation? Also more gear features?


I don’t have the update dude but I’m sure the animation is lit


Not everyone will get it right away or at once, for you who haven’t got it yet, just wait a tad bit longer and you should have it soon :)

That is a promise i can guarantee you on, even i haven’t updated yet and not because i can’t but i’ve decided not to ;)

If i can hold of then you can too!, Be strong and patient, Time will give you a treat when it’s right for it to do so.

Until then goodnight everybody and have fun with with flexing your… wings 😜


In regards to the gear, one thing that I thought was neat was the nose gear. If you have ever observed, say an A320, make a sharp turn pulling into a gate, the wheel will actually be on an angle. In other words, it will appear that 1 of the 2 tires will actually be on the pavement. The developers have worked this same physics/characteristic into this update. Its a really neat thing and the attention to small details is really outstanding.


The side sticks were always animated, and in the original post Jason talked about the new gear features


Yay!!! More huge fully automated airliners. 😂 I love the fact that the developers put our money to use, but it would be nice if some OTHER types of aircraft were to be introduced.
Could change the name to Infinite Airlines


Now that the update is out, if you are happy with it. Which I’m sure most of you are, go to the App Store and write a great review to encourage potential customers to join in and purchase IF. This is ultimately what keeps FDS going so if you are happy with the flight sim and updates in general then it’s worth doing to aid the expansion of Infinite Flight.


This isn’t over.People still don’t have the update


Can’t wait for this update to hit for me, I’ve gotten pretty patient with this waiting business over the last few months. It’s pretty easy when you get the hang of it. Sat watching some series on Netflix and enjoying this rather amusing thread 😂


Will we be seeing a Hotfix as there a few bugs and mistakes in this update? You



Oh My GOSH FDS!!! Thank you for Adding Allegiant A320!! Now this plane comes to my hometown instead of MD80s!!


Thank you Dev Team for all the hard work 👍🏼
Being an i6+ owner I especially appreciate the LOD improvements. Should make my IF flights much easier 🛬😁🛬


This is incredible. Another update in almost less than a month. The update speeds of these developers and the game itself it truly amazing. Thank you so much for the good content. I am truly grateful

(Some random person in this community)


Any update on Android


Apparently some devices have not been shipped?
*quality grammar by google


Oh they said contact developer but I won’t bother Mark


Don’t bother Mark… Bother @schyllberg, @MishaCamp, @Cameron, or @Chris_S (or any other mods - Those are the ones active on this topic). They can pass info along to our good ol’ Developer Pals if they can’t figure it out themselves! :)


Just got the update. It looks great. Awesome work FDS.