Infinite Flight 18.3 Release


@Kirito_77 I see you replying and pray it’s not a reminder to stay on topic


In this case we are talking about FPS in games and not aviation but thanks for your insight which i already knew :)


I might be crazy but the A321 flaps look new. The inner flap has that extra panel. I’ve never seen that before in IF.


One last hurrah before I go scream into the uncaring void that is sleep:

If you’re running an android device that hadn’t received the update, Google never takes more than a full day to patch the update to a devices.
The pixel devices (with the exception of @1ofthe3amegos apparently) will have received the update, I know Sony has mostly,

If the update hasn’t arrived within the next 5 or so hours, I recommend obviously the usual device restart, clearing the cache, checking your WiFi, and also, instead of selecting “my apps and games”, physically search for Infinite Flight in the “store” section, sometimes the update doesn’t always notify your library.

Otherwise, there has been an issue with the rollout.

As I said, im tooting off for the next 4hrs, but I’ll be more than happy to help anyone that needs it afterwards.



Great job guys, it looks nice and beautiful, bring more airplanes so it can be a nice, fun and beautiful during the rest of the summer to have fun of 2018.


For those on Android


What you are seeing is correct. The flaps on the A321 before this update were the same as what you would find on the A318-A320. With this update, the flaps were updated to what you would find on the actual aircraft to add that extra sense of realism!


Not always true. Updates, again, are released just like global, in a staged Rollout. Just because my pixel has it, doesn’t automatically mean someone else’s HTC is going to have it…
As much as I love Google, their customer support sucks…


Thanks! It really does add that extra little bit that really carries it a whole extra mile. I love FDS!


Finally got it! The suspense was just about to kill me! 😂😂😂


Are the 737’s gonna get wing flex and gear upgrades as well?

New Plane?

Do you have android or ios


sorry. I did not know what you guys were talking about


I did not get it yet im on ios


This is not a place to ask for a 737 rework or any features at all. Even though I would love to have it reworked, I’d just go to their respective feature request and vote there instead.


Perhaps one day the 737 will get its debut to be reworked. There’s currently no timeline for this but I imagine it would look just as great as the Airbus fleet that were just updated.


Is their anyone else not getting the update on a Samsung Galaxy S8+


Im not getting it but im on IPhone X


Nevermind,I just got it so hyped!


Please have patience it will be out soon…