Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


Pardon my embarrassing error there. The “female” part was supposed to be replaced with command, I have no idea why autocorrect changed it to that term. In there words what I was suggesting was the following:

Adding a button in the lighting section labeled cabin lights

Pressing this button would remove mood lighting and the cabin would light up like in other IF aircraft in which the windows shine


Can’t wait for the next update!!


This update is amazing it really improves infinite flight. But some advice for next time. If you can try to release aircraft in a bundle or over a few weeks. It would also be very nice to have helicopters in the game. Over all this is a great game. Keep updating!!!


Go vote on:

And, helicopters mightn’t come so soon. Btw, the developers are trying their best to release updates for us… but they have a life.


What makes you say they might come soon?