Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


Thanks for the response.I really enjoy this aircraft.


I can’t get enough of this aircraft. Wind correction makes for an even more realistic experience. Not to mention how intense ground effect is with this plane. I love it!


still no cabin lights?


I haven’t got them either, I think it is just showing from the inside… A bit of a bummer when you know that ac’s prior to this have em’…


@William_Jones @ErikBuiten just be grateful for what they’ve given us

Would you rathar they have realised it when they did, or take more months to add little details like cabin lights?

I know what I would choose…


Frustrating especially for night flights


I highly doubt it would have taken months to add cabin lights


Does this disadvantage your flight in any way?

Why would it frustrate you …


Nevertheless a good job by the IF team


Because when flying at night the aircraft is barely visible

  1. Turn your brightness up
  2. Just turn on other lights on the plane (nav, beacon, strobe, etc)

Also you realise you can manually adjust the time to what you’d like, right?


the image I posted above had full brightness as for the lights they aren’t as effective as cabin lights


And yes I’m fully aware about changing the time


You can’t have cabin lights for the mood lighting is already in place. We would need a separate command that would enable us to run on cabin lights which would prevent the usage of the mood lighting. The feature could only be used once on ground as cabin lights are not present once the aircraft is in the air. Nevertheless we should be grateful for what they have given for this plane is spectacular.


Is it me or does it seem like the autopilot does s turns on a turn?


Well yes and no, let me explain. Let’s say you have a straight line and then a curve in your FPL and you have NAV mode engaged. The plane will automatically commence the turning before the waypoint itself so the plane will be as aligned as possible once it reaches that waypoint. This doesn’t always work out and the plane may sometimes veer a bit of course from the line meaning that if you are waypoint this to the right and you are beginning your turn, the plane drifts a bit too much to the right, the plane will them turn left to align itself once more with the original waypoint direction. This makes it look as if the plane is moving in an S pattern.


How much would you like to raise the ticket prices… l usually toss out half the passengers at around FL300 to save fuel…but they get a nice view on the way down !!!


It did that in prior releases and other planes from the CRJ too. It also depends on your speed how tight the turn is going to be. Planes do not turn tight with auto pilot so if you have a 90+ degree turn you can expect an S turn.

This is why we suggest slower approach speeds when intercepting the ILS. Going 320 kts at 15k feet is going to be a much wider turn than 180 kts at 5k feet.


No I’m talking about something else


I don’t follow. I think you mean another surface or something, but I’m not a coder