Infinite Flight 18.2 Release



Like it ! Great job FDS!!


Folks, there’s no reason to be posting photos of pre-global photos and of you crashing into the ocean in here. Thanks. you know who you are. 😉


you are real funny man



CRJ is so dope. Other than how it follows the way points when on AP, absolutely awesome. I’m sure a fix for that is coming soon enough.


Can someone please enlighten me. Does the CRJ handle different from other planes? Why is that? Why do people say it’s hard to take off and land? Was it developed from scratch to simulate how the real thing flies? Thanks


Because the physics of each aircraft is different…


I get that. But it doesn’t answer my question. Would everyone here agree that the aircraft is different to others in the SIM? Thanks


Question 1:yes
Question 2:already answered
Question 3: because each plane is different and the winds as well
Question 4: yes


The process for making this aircraft was totally different than other aircraft as they had a real pilot give them opinions and advice as to how the CRJ handled. Another reason may be the fact that the placement of the engines on the back of the aircraft will obviously cause the plane to handle differently than planes who’s engines are located on the wings. Last but not least is the fact that other planes are outdated and may not have very realistic flight physics (cough cough C-17). Many people complain about how the CRJ is so hard to land and takeoff, I personally find the CRJ to be a great aircraft to land and takeoff as I can easily grease a landing on it.


You don’t need to be so short and disdainful in your answers, it’s unbecoming. There are kinder ways to answer his question without the need for the unnecessarily sassy eclipses and supercilious ‘list’ (e.g. “Yes, the CRJ handles differently than your average A320 or 737 because it is much smaller and lighter. Every plane handles differently due to differing physics, just like in real life.”).


Are you assuming the ocean?


Sorry, didnt mean it… i’m in a hurry when answering his question


Well, I’m pretty sure I’m right.

  1. When it was posted, the Pacific islands were open for Expert ATC.

  2. If we were playing guess that airport, I would guess PHOG, it just looks like it.


Just a question does the recently released CRJ have cabin lights because they don’t appear to be showing on my device


When you shift the time to night,yes


I’m aware of that but the lights still do not appear strange I’ll try and reboot the app


How do you access the interior? Looked through the thread to find an answer before asking .What camera?


You can use any of the window views and then just swipe the screen to move around. If you’re on the ground and not moving you can also use free cam to move around.


Simply beautiful, happy landings