Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


Ah, thanks! Wasn’t quite sure how that worked.


If IF was a game that is « release and forget » then i would agree with you. We spend considerable amount of effort and money to keep improving IF through the years, bringing brand new content and pushing the limits to what is possible on mobile devices.
Managing 10s of IAP is not a simple task, especially when on multiple platforms, not even mentioning the fact that it makes it harder for the end user to decide what to buy.
We get that the subscription model is not for everyone, but i think it should be seen as a way to contribute to the continuous development of IF.
That being said, we are still bringing tons of improvements (as well as new content) to the free tier (you’ll get a CRJ-200 for free when it is ready), and all you paid for that was $4.99, once.


Not sure if anyone has had any of the same passenger complaints while flying the new CRJ-700, but I’ve been getting lots of noise and cold temperature complaints from several unhappy passengers since the update. Still trying to figure out why…


Not to mention my suitcase is in the Pacific Ocean…


And my Infinite Flight T-Shirt in the Atlantic…


And my iPad in the Mediterranean Sea!


I remember flying to this airport some hours ago. It isn’t incredibly beautiful and scenic, it is ver rural though. I might be mistaken but is that KACV located slightly north of San Francisco?


I am grateful for everything that you guys do at IF. I am just a bit sad about that, but I’ll get over it. :)


It’s PHNL or PHTO I think. Somewhere in Hawaii :)


wrong twice. It’s PHOG in Hawaii.


Well that’s a shame :( The airport looks strikingly similar to the one I mentioned before, they even have the same runway pattern and similiar airport layout. The environment beyond the airport looks really close to the one in the photo with the crashing waves and Malibu-like scenery

Here is a photo taken by me to show the resemblance between the two regions


Philippe and Laura, pouvez vous s’il vous plaît considér adding Lufthansa City line ? Cheers


Salut, ce n’est pas l’endroit pour les demandes de fonctionnalités. Si vous voulez ajouter quelque chose, demandez-le dans #features.

Bonne journée !



Phillipe, how did you develop the physics model on the CRJ? It feels so different to any other plane in IF and much more challenging to fly. Which is a good thing. Of course the airframe is a more unconventional layout and the centre of lift much further back.


They had access to CRJ pilots I believe so they could really make this one accurate more so than the old one.


It’s definitely a challenge when all I fly usally is 320 787 and dash


Where is it???


Could be the angle that you are climbing at…


PHOG (Kahului) in Hawaii


Thank goodness my favorite plane free