Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


Yeah I did notice that. Man have they boosted since the beginning of IF’s release


I used the free cam as @Delta350 has said.


I noticed that earlier, and I kept watching to see if they slowed down lol. And then they did haha


The CRJ-700 is such a beauty! 😍
Thanks for your awesome work FDS!


Congratulations, and thank you for all of your hard work. Can we expect animated parts for Cessnas and other small planes, in the near or distant future?


coughing There is alot of planes that needs rework prior to 777… (A330, A340, A380, B737, B757, B767) and many more. But we all have to realize that there is alot of planes with worse quality than the 777 ; ))


Yeh I honestly don’t care what plane. As long as it’s high quality and can fly for at least 20 hours, I’m good. So A340-500 sounds good and I’m glad it was the second highest voted for on the useless poll.


Calm down man, it’s just my preferred aircraft. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate other reworks. Any new aircraft and every new feature is a welcome addition.


Yeah, A330 and A340 Will most likely come together as it’s just to add two engines (-300) and lengthen it a bit.


Did you guys update the autopilot system on the crj, because I’m finding it more pleasing the transition from when you are on autopilot to manual control, it seems smoother like it is in real life instead of jolting.


The engines of the 777 is amazing though


Thank you fds for the wonderful jet! Now i can fly transatlantic with a regional jet!


So when will the -200 variant come out?


In the next few months. Remember to read the original post.


Oh I thought that when the crj-200 would be updated I thought he meant during this update because I had to update it. Thanks tho. ;)


Good luck my friend:))))


St john to london city… Almost make it…


Well you can fly over the British canal ;)


Hey everyone, just a quick question. How do you turn on mood lighting?


Use views inside the plane at night @Plane_Master_Cryptic