Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


They’re not finished. We choose to focus on the -700 now to be able to give it to you as soon as possible :)


Ok, Great update and i cant wait for the rest of the CRJ’s as soon as possible.


I finally got the chance to land this aircraft, very difficult to land indeed but fun!


What a great plane. Just flew my first flight with the new CRJ :) I really like the landing gear. It’s so rewarding to zoom in tight and see the animation. I also really like the flight characteristics. Not easy to fly, but really fun. The cockpit looks really fantastic. Nice to see a female captain ;) I’d love to see one of my daughters become a pilot someday if they’d like. Also, the camera views are very nice. It’s cool to see some passenger views. I did not anticipate wing-flex, so that was a nice surprise. And those windshield wipers… Nice touch! Overall, a great effort and a wonderful plane! Well done!


Thank you so much! keep up the great work!


Has anyone noticed the taxi speed warning? This must be new in the update.


Yes, it came back with this update.


NZ is one of the ATC regions tomorrow. Which makes me wonder if there will be any Aus/NZ liveries for the 200/900/1000 CRJs…


Kendell Australia is popularly believed to be a livery for the -200 as the callsign was added in 18.1 and the fact it has 17 votes and was requested in December.


Always the same. I do not understand why the new models are for pro subscribers. They should be able to buy the MD11, DC10, CRJ … they would also be additional benefits for fds. Those of us who do not have pro must have the same right to use them (in this case, paying for them)


Read the original post. In-app purchases are harder for FDS


From what it reads in the post it seems like this system is much better overall, allowing for the release of an airplane without an update is huge.


I was amazed to hear about this new plane. The fact that it has a detailed interior and door animations shows me that the infinite flight staff are now focused on making the game experience more realistic for us and this made me so happy! I can’t wait for more updates like this one!


I know that but I how did u do that when there isn’t a view for the lavatory


He used the free camera to go into the lavatory


I can never do that i suck at moving the camera


Great job with the CRJ update…


Thank you so much for the effort


I agree with you. We should be able to purchase each airplane individually instead of paying for a PRO subscription.


Did anyone notice on the CRJ, the landing gear wheels keep spinning when they go up after takeoff? Then they slow down when up and come to a stop. Just like in real life… cool devs! 👍🏼💥✌🏼