Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


It’s very hard to land with the crj, is there any tutorial for it ?


Mark is working on a landing tutorial and we should get it soon.

You can use this topic to get the basics (speeds, flap settings,…):


Its very hard to get the right speed… 140 knots the stall speed warning comes on… at 150 knots the aircraft bounce up again


They are currently developing one, yes.


I need to ask you about my grade as well I’ll dm you


I am very happy with the latest update for infinite flight, because there is a new aircraft that is Bombardier CRJ-700, I am very happy today. Thank you very much #infiniteflight #fds


In having a lot of fun with this update!



Let’s hope so. I don’t want stained pants.😅😂


Big shoutout to whomever edited KTUL for Global! 👍🏻


With every update the FDS rolls out, I get more and more confident that this simulator will have features that you can’t find anywhere else. I can’t wait until the existing planes get the the attributes that the new planes get. I don’t post much but I am always updated with everthing that goes on the IFC from features to the Expert ATC schedule. Everytime I see a feature I think, “The FDS may not say anything but they definitely see this”, and my point has been proven when phillipe said “you wanted interior cabin views? you got it!”. Not only is the first flight simulator I have ever touched, but I have also been loyal to IF for the longestm and I must say this simulator has improved drastically; the fact that this simulator has much more to improve on/ add, makes me more excited to see update 18.3. The requested updates, features, attributes, etc may come slow, but nobody can say they aren’t worth the wait. I just wanted to sayI am proud to be an IF consumer and I am so grateful for the hardworking FDS putting our money to good use. Keep up the good work FDS! I think I speak for everyone when I say we all appreicate all you do for us. Thank you!


Wowww!!Good Job FDS:)
Thank you


Anyone else now realize why it took so long for FDS to release the CRJ? I didn’t expect things that they gave us. Windshield wipers, Cabin, window views etc. I’m so happy for this update and the will for sure tie me over until the -900 and -1000 come in a couple months ;)


What’s different about the presidential plane??


I see slight wing flex!


Nothing except a bug fix (refueling didn’t work in the previous version, now it does).



Yes! I can’t wait to fly NOW. Thank you FDS, how many MB/GB will this take up?


It showed me 23MB on the Play Store, so not that much actually :)


I don’t received all global updates.My cell phone is not compartible :(


thank You FDS love the new CRJ, morning arrivals thank you blustreak 5212
For your appearance at CLT this morning


I will say this, the new CRJ-700 is fun to land especially in crosswinds though it takes some practice. The good thing is that correcting and rudder control are fantastic.