Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


So is the new camera angles available for the other planes or just the crj-700?


Just the new CRJs ;)

Although, I’m sure with future reworks these camera angles could be implemented into other planes


This update is epic im flying CRJ anytime anywhere


Oh now it’s clear why this took a number of months to come out.

It’s ultra detailed and relastic!
Thanks FDS for going above and beyond once again :)


I just saw this now!


Never thought I’d see the day 😂, thanks FDS!


A330 re do? I sure hope so!


Oh my goodness…what an update! You devs outdid yourselves every single time! And keeping the CRJ200 free even after the update down the road is really generous! Congrats FDS!


Woah… this came out of the blue😂
Wasn’t expecting CRJ until later this year… but Thanks FDS. Very Happy with all the effort you guys have put in. The wait is always worth and i can’t wait til the -900 and -1000 variants are released, but for now I’m gonna enjoy the -700 to my hearts content.


Oh man!
My dad has my Ipad:(


Not out on iPad yet!


Looks fantastic! Well done on some more fantastic additions!


Is Lufthansa regional included??


I think that’s the 900 version which isn’t out yet


This is great. But I’m having a massive problem at the moment the grounds gone black I don’t know if This is related to this but it is then yeah because at the moment in any map there is no imagery


Theres no Lufthansa Regional Livery. But you can check out in the Features maybe you can Vote for it.


The problem should be fixed with the new update.


Is the mood lighting changeable


I am stunned by how the new CRJ-700 has details. I like the camera in the middle of this plane the most. Thank you again for this great aircraft. 😍


Yip it’s fixed thanks great job