Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


Does it work tho because I’m not planning to use that anytime soon


This has worked well so far. I think.


Two updates in just 20 days. Keep up the good and hard work.


When everybody has the update, but it hasn’t come to your device:


I love how the center fuel tank used all of its fuel while the left and right fuel tank still have nearly 800kg in each one. (Feature or bug?)

Though 791+ 791 equals 1582, not 1252


Is that actually in IF?


I wish i could update but my. Apple ID. Dont work!


Oh man the servers are gonna be LIT. The CRJ200/700 are an absolute necessity for those smaller airports with less service. And an absolute necessity for United Express and Endeavor. Looking forward to the -9. Can’t wait to fly these guys!!! Been waiting since last August, clearly for some real artwork. Thank you for the hard work - the CRJ is by far my favorite RJ.


When does the update come out? I have to go to sleep so I will read your replies tomorrow.


Within the next 17 hours.


Aside the Hippe about the CRJ, did anyone noticed what has changed by the A10? It has been updated, but I can’t find any changes so far.


I’m impressed by the quality you guys are going for. I just quickly loaded up the CRJ and I’m blow away by what I see. I can’t wait for the future and see what you guys are gonna do with the other aircraft!

cough 777 could use an update cough


Probably something to the fuel burn or physics.


Thats awesome! Yall should update certain aircraft with these new features also




Done with a test flight with the new CRJ-700. A perfect Plane. With detailed cabin and cockpit, wing flex, and different camera angle, i hope there will be more liveries some day. Good Job FDS.


The excitement is real!! Thanks for all the hard work Infinite Flight!


Im so excited!! Cant wait for the release!!!


It is already released. ^_^


Yep, it is out already 😁 It’s great, get it if you haven’t already!