Infinite Flight 18.2 Release


super excited for this CRJ update. super pumped now, I think the aca new livery is coming so yeah. woohoo


All of the ones listed here (:


Very excited about the update! I’ll definitely be streaming some short hops around the US :)



Delta, BA, American, S.A Express, United Express…ohhh I cant wait to fly all day today. Well done Devs 👏👏👏.


This is truly remarkable and it amazes me everyday how much this simulator has advanced since the beginning!


I’m just… stunned at this detail! I can’t believe this is actually Infinite Flight.


This is just the start of a new era… I wonder what is next.


Oh My God hahaha unbelievable


This aircraft for me looks to be a start of a new era of aircraft. A era were the aircraft dont just look like real aircraft but feel and seem real aircraft in all aspects.

Reminds me of how Greek art transitioned from the anarchic period to the classical period. From ridged slightly imperfect works into fully anatomically realistic sculptures that looked and appeared like the real thing.


Omg that is so accurate loll


No cabin lights on the CRJ at night?


The CRJ even has a toilet!


Yes but how do you open it?🤔


I just used the free cam to float into it! No door needed lol


If you look you can see the mood lighting through the windows. There are lights, just not the yellow ones on other aircraft.


Yeah. Privacy is overrated.


Also, I just took the CRJ for a quick spin, and it does handle nicely! Practically floats around the airport. Nice and smooth! (Low wind at Zurich probably helped though).

Side note: what’s even more impressive is that my iPad Air is still handling the CRJ at max quality. The Devs deserve a lot of credit for the great optimization job.


Just a quick question, is the CRJ-200 updated and out already? Or is it coming with the -900 and -1000? Sorry for my imbisulic question, but I’m a little confused on the wording. Again, great update!!


Nope! Will probably come with the 900 and 1000


Ok thank you! It’s a big help!