Infinite Flight 18.1 is coming!

Fellow Pilots,

We’re about to ship Infinite Flight 18.1, our first update of 2018 and we wanted to talk about what’s coming in this latest release, and what isn’t.


• New liveries for the A321, 737-800, 747-8
• New ATC Messaging Interface
• ATC voices are now configurable
• ATIS is now available
• Added support for Visual Approach requests to ATC
• Flight info is now available when selecting planes in map view (Expert Server only for now)
• Online Flights Logbook with Ghostings/Violation information
• Aviation and Airport Data can now be updated without app updates
• Various bug fixes and performance improvements

You may have noticed that there is no mention of the CRJ in that list. There’s a very good reason for that. We once again significantly increased the complexity and quality of our aircraft to the point that it negatively affect performance, especially in multiplayer mode.
We’ve decided to delay the release of the CRJ to have more time to experiment with a new aircraft and terrain rendering system we have been working on. This work should help us reach new heights in terms of quality while ensuring the best possible experience, especially with many aircraft on screen (and even allow more that currently possible).

We understand that it may disappoint some pilots out there, but they should find some comfort in the fact that this work should allow us to render more airplanes with better quality at once (along with many other new features it will enable). We will keep you updated on the progress once we can share more about this development.

Bear in mind the fact that our 3D modelling team is already hard at work on the next couple aircraft, so once we solve this performance hurdle, we’ll be able to ship those in a shorter amount of time.

Now about what’s coming…


A320: Alaska Airlines (2018)
A321: Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit
737-800: Aerolinas Argentinas, GOL (2018 Livery), Qantas, SAS
747-8: Lufthansa (2018), Seattle SeaHawks


We’re adding a new option for ATC Controllers to open an ATIS frequency. It will allow them to broadcast weather, active runways and general airport information to arriving and departing airplanes. Tyler and Mark have prepared videos to explain how to use this new feature as both pilot and ATC.
Note that ATIS is only available on the Expert Server for the time being.

ATC ATIS Tutorial

Pilot ATIS Tutorial

ATC Voices

We have added the ability for pilots to select custom voices. The voice settings are sent with messages and played across the network if receiving devices also have those voices installed. Note that this will not work across platforms. Messages sent on iOS and received on Android will play with the default voice set on users devices.
If you want diversity, make sure you visit your device Text To Speech settings to install new voice packs. Note that some of the voice packs can take a substantial amount of device storage space.

Visual Approaches

ATC now supports visual approach requests in addition to ILS and GPS. This allows pilots to fly visually to the runway when they have the airport in sight instead of being guided on a localizer by ATC. Make sure you check our youtube channel for videos explaining how to use this new feature.

ATC Visual Approach Tutorial

Flight Info

Infinite Flight now has the ability to show a flight path by selecting airplanes on the map. The information panel will show the flight plan, time flown and ETE to destination. This is only available on the Expert Server for now.

Online Logbook

We have added a new logbook tab that shows Online Flights with Ghostings & Violations summary.

Aviation Data Updates

The aviation database has been updated and will now be updateable over the air without requiring an app update. This means that we are able to push a new cycle of the database whenever we need, regardless of the app release schedule.
If you would like more information about our airport and navigation database, please visit the airport editing team website.

New ATC Interface

We have reworked the interface for sending ATC messages. It is now shown in boxes instead of rows to make it easier to hit commands under busy situations.
Also new in this update are two features to help with speedy ATC communications.
The acknowledgements or default responses are now shown in a separate list that is visible at the bottom of the ATC comms page so it’s easy to quickly reply.
Another way to rapidly respond to messages is to hold the ATC button when a response is pending until the default message is sent. This is very convenient in extremely busy situations, no need to open the ATC window to respond to take off or landing requests for example.

We expect this update to roll out in the next few days. Stay tuned for more news about what’s coming next in Infinite Flight and thanks everyone for your continued support!

Happy Landings!


Thank you so much yet again Laura and the rest of FDS!


Laura -
Good job and keep up the hard work totally enjoy your guys hard work!


Thanks for your hard work guys! Looking forward to an even better experience!


Can’t wait!! Thanks for all your hard work FDS!


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Wow. These months have been so fast!! Can you imagine! 4 months and IF has released global, DC-10, MD-11, global map, updated liveries.


Thank the lord! STOKED for the CRJ, hope it comes soon!!


Thanks Laura! Absolutely love the new liveries. Can’t wait for the shiny stuff coming with the CRJ in the future!


Woo hoo!! I can’t wait. Thank you Laura, Mark, Tyler, and everyone else involved with this tremendously for all your hard work again.


I can’t wait for this update! I’m as excited for this update as I was with Global.
Thanks FDS!

Many thanks from me,


YES! This is going to make the ATC experience even better! Keep up the amazing work FDS


Yay! Even though the CRJ isn’t coming, I’m still super excited for this update. We appreciate all your work and we will understand! Can’t wait for ATIS too, it’ll add a whole new level to ATC.


Thanks so much FDS, I can’t wait for this update.

Woohoo! This made my day:-D


Yes looking forward to using ATIS!!


Thanks so much! Highly anticipated update…I’m looking forward!


Had a lot of fun [and heated debates for various reasons] during beta for this update. Great work as always. I think you guys will really appreciate some of the ATC changes, alongside the shiny new liveries of course!


FDS you guys are legendsimage This will sort out KLAX


Sounds amazing! Can’t wait! Keep up the great work FDS!!! :)