Infinite Flight 10 year Livery

Well will this maybe a spoiler?

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I’m all in with that

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Why would that count as a spoiler?! We won’t know what the livery design look like
It’s a great idea

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I really like this a lot, my only issue is there is too many tens in the back, but other than that I voted!

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Yes it’s a great idea.
But if the anniversary is in April and the A330 will be released

Oooh yes please! Also you should add ‘10 years in the making’ font near front door or some kind of font to make it more appealing.

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I would love to see this but I don’t have votes atm😪

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This is a very nice design! You have my vote.

I think we should try make it like one 10 as if it as boeing and Put the IF LOGO on the belly of he plane

I think this will come to the simulator …


Hopefully it does is that in liveflight


there she is


I wanted it on the reworked A330

I agree, it would be an amazing livery ! You have my vote !

The A330 is not going to be released in 21.1. It will probably come in 21.2 or later. To see more about the development, follow @infiniteflight on socials or see #blog and #announcements for more official info. You can also see the link below

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Seems like this has actually been confirmed

from the IF YouTube page, for the April 24th, 2021 event thumbnail

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People could make… vulgar liveries. Even if the developers or staff had to check them first, it would take forever to get liveries through to sift through all of the poor quality ones or the vulgar ones.

Yeah but there is a filter for that

Livery in sim. Votes refunded