Infinite Flight #1 in Paid Race iPad Apps

I know it’s a niche category, but IF is actually number 1 in this chart:


i wonder why its under racing


Thank the Casual Server…


I assume there are no better ones…

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How bout they make a “flight sim” category?

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Well there is a simulation category actually…

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Ok. However a flight sim category would be better.


is IF on there somewhere?

I think they can only be in in one category at once

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Ok it’s actually completely confusing:

It’s 1. In Racing
Its category is simulation
It is also in paid obviously and first there too (at least of the games I think, or there is a paid section for every category)

You guys don’t use IF for racing?


Evening Shenanigans with Deerio

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My LAX-SFO with the F16 times are over for me 😂

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We’ve been there multiple times already but it’s always great to see the app on the first place! Thanks for sharing this again! It truly is a mind-blowing product and it’s often hard to believe that all this is on mobile devices. The future is going to be so exciting as well, looking at the little teaser Infinite Flight shared at the end of last year.

You can actually help to keep Infinite Flight where it belongs: On the top! Head over to the App Store or Play Store and give the app a 5-Star review! That’s one of the best ways to show your support for Infinite Flight and I know that it’s highly appreciated! ⭐️

Have a good week everyone 😊