Infinite flgiht pro sub

Hello guys my pro expired last week and im looking forward to replacing it but how can i pay without credit card and paypal?

If you are talking about paying with a card I don’t think that will work. I’m not a FDS staff member but I don’t think they except cash.

Even deposits to credit card?

I’m not sure u can pay with cash. You may be able to mail it to them but i have no clue. I’d guess not but i don’t know

The only option available for you is to use debit/credit, or Paypal. I am positive they do not accept cash. If you have no access to a debit/credit card, or a Paypal account, there is another method; and that would be a visa gift card, or something related which you can pick up at most gas stations.

You could just go down to your local store and purchase an iTunes or google play gift card and purchase Infinite Flight live like that.


Ohh yesss i forgot about gift card but will a $50 apple gift card work i forgot what its called plus my apple ID is philippines not US

But in my country only US apple gift card are available

An apple gift card will work and is what I use most of the time, ensure you have enough money on the card to cover tax though :)

Buy one gift card to google playstore in stories in your city. You can pay with cash.

These are the Payment Methods accepted when purchasing a new Subscription or renewing a old one!

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Apple iTunes Gift Card (Only Available/Functional on iOS devices)
  • Google Play Gift Card (Only Available/Functional on Android devices)

As far i know, these are currently the only options choose from when buying a new sub or to renew a old one.

Gift Cards are your only other option besides Credit/Debit and PayPal.

And which gift card should you pick, well it totally depends on what OS your device is running.
You got Android then Google be your best buddy!
Apple device? The iTunes Gift Card is the right choice here.


Right idea thank you to all of you😊

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I do this, I go to my local store that sells gift cards and get an iTunes gift card payed with cash. Then just use the gift card money to pay for the subscription.

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