Infinite Fight Global - EL AL Boeing 78X - Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion to Cape Town Intl

Flight Details:

Airline: El Al Israel
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10
Departure: Tel Aviv (Israel) - Runway 08
Arrival: Cape Town (South Africa) - Runway 01
Flight time: 9 hours 52 minutes


Today I will be flying with an airline from one of the most controversial nations. Before we start, this isn’t a real-life route, as they only operate into Johannesburg in South Africa, but the views won’t disappoint.

The route will take us south of Tel Aviv until we reach the Sinai Peninsula, where we will enter the Red sea, trying our best to avoid Saudi and Egyptian airspace (due to political disagreements). We will then enter the continent through Eritrea and Djibouti and then its a straight line until we reach Cape town.

Hope you Enjoy!!!


What screen recorder do you use, and how do you keep such a long file in your storage? Great video!

Flight time? Nice timelapse though!

9 hours 52 minutes

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Ok, thanks

Mobizen screen recorder. the profile I use is 720p/60FPS

I use my internal storage for the files, and export the edits on my sd card. It’s inefficient and time-consuming, but this is my setup until I get my tablet back from repairs.

For the Doha to Perth episode which is coming out in 2 days, I recorded the whole flight and cut out most of the parts where I am over the ocean.

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