Infinite Fight Community App

Considering the fact that the Infinite Flight Community Forum has become so big, it would be great to have an app instead of having to go onto the internet every time.

I know that the Community can be accessed through the Infinite Flight app from the ‘home’ page from the 22.7 update.

This is just a suggestion for broader use of the Community.


Discourse where this Forum is hosted has a standalone app where you can add the IFC and acced it through


Ok thanks, I’ve installed and logged into the Discourse site.

You are able to make it an actual app, but in order to do so, you need iOS, and the newest update.

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Yeah ok - one question unrelated, I use my iPhone for IF, can it be played on Android (not that I’m planning to) or Xbox and stuff like that?

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Infinite Flight is only available on iOS and Android

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