Infinite Fight Better Server Bans

Ok let’s talk perment bans I am getting sick of the level of flying on expert server it goes from sitting on the runway for three hours to taxing without permission or down right idiot ness.

So I call for a perment ban situation, It would work like this:

Expert server ONLY

3 Ghostings Every 90 days = Ban but you have to wait 90 days

If you get 2 90day bans = perment expert server ban

Training Server

3 Ghostings/Reports = 30 Day Ban

The bans will only be on that server so you can still play live on different servers. Yea I get people will complain and you mey say that we all make mistakes but come on i have only had 2 Ghostings both of which were deemed to be stupid (landing at a small airport, escorting a player but I somehow got a ghost).

We could even do something where you can’t see other players and they can’t see you but you can still go on live and gain xp but offline if you get what I mean any ways

Thanks for reading and please consider my opinion thx 👌


This is a bad idea, people could team up and say lets report this guy so he gets banned


First off

It’s This is a bad idea, people could team up and say lets report this guy so he gets banned

No it would be like a system where a real human reviews it for ban not a automated system


Permanent ban would never happen again, but I do support the move for extension of bans from the expert server depending on how many violations or bans you have over a period of time.


Permanent bans have happened before


Yea like some sort of karma system so if you have more karma which you get from landings and stuff the less likely you could get banned

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I am guessing hackers

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A permanent ban sounds like a too harsh solution to a problem that can be approached from another angle. We are talking about banning paying customers, meaning there is loss of $ for the devs. It would ultimately affect further development of the sim.

It doesn’t make sense financially to do this.


Yea but I am seriously considering quitting infinite flight if stuff on expert server doesn’t improve its getting very fustraiting that people who literally just got grade 3 go strait to the expert server. I never did that I waited about 2 months before going on it.

This could happen but the when their live ran out they would just make a new account and use that.

Don’t do that! Don’t let a few bad apples ruin your fun! I am 100% there is a fix being worked on by the devs.

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Yea there is that but the devs could ban there ip

Awwwww thanks

I am on my second month playing on Live and even though I can access the expert server I haven’t flown on it yet. I want more practice in TS1.

I suggest you do that’s what I did I also binged on I infinite flight tutorial videos lol

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Gonna end up just flying with yourself if you ban everyone.

Might get lonely. 😏

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You know if think of it this way A: why would you consider quiting IF B: I do think extended bans should be put in IF but not permanent C: who would the devs rather have quit in this situation one person (you) or possibly dozens of paying customers of IF who got permanently banned because of a few silly or accedental mistakes. Overall it’s just not a great solution


Yeah it’s like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

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Mods can reset XP. If people use highly inappropriate callsigns sometimes they have got an XP reset.


Well said bro 👌🏻