Infinite Experiment V2 - **Under Development**. Feature suggestions

Hello everyone,
I am the creator of The Aircraft Experiment Bot which you might have seen if you are a part of a VA and you use discord. The old bot has been around for a quite a while and has coding patterns and designs that I am not particularly proud of, plus it has reached the limit of a 100 servers, so it can’t be installed in newer servers. Thank you for the great reception. Its time for a new bot this time, which will contain slash commands.

I made a bot for a VA which tried out some new ways of showing results for the earlier commands, like maps for route searches and the live command.

I come here asking for your suggestions about new features that you would like to see in a new bot

Please run wild with your suggestions.

Thanks and regards,


Happy cakeday! I’d love to see the ability to predict a flight time based on the winds aloft and the path your route takes, as well as other factors like cruise speed, etc

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very good working on new project. a suggestion for to add in your programs is it should showing a list of every third-party service for infinite flight :D

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