Infinite_Ec’s Trip Reports | HND-ICN

Hello everyone! As some may know, about a year ago I started a series called “Infinite_Ec’s Hectic flights” well that only lasted one episode as school became a main priority soon after. Now that I have more time for more trip reports and an actual series, I present to you: “Infinite_Ec’s Trip reports | EP.1 | Tokyo Haneda - Seoul Incheon!

Hello everyone! I just finished check in at Haneda (it was a breeze) and now im headed to see my 737-800 operated by ANA, which will be taking me up to Seou- Ah! Heres my gate!

I believe boarding has just started, so I better get ready to board. announcement All groups may board for ANA flight 768 To Seoul.
All right! Thats my queue to board!

Heres my seat for this flight! Pretty good legroom to say the least.

And after a fairly quick boarding we are out the gate and off to Seoul!

And here we go folks! Off to Korea!!

Once we reached cruising altitude, FA’s came around and gave us some japanese pudding along with a choice of lychee, orange, or origional ramune. I chose the original flavor.

I quickly finished my pudding and ramune, then took a nice nap since this flight took off at 8am. And I woke up to our plane descending!

After a bit of a bumpy approach into Seoul, it was all worth the bumps for a parallel landing next to @DKsflight!

And thats it folks! I just finished customs and will be heading out to my hotel for the next few days. I hope you all enjoyed this trip report!


The common mistake of confusing Yinchuan INC/ZLIC with Seoul Incheon ICN/RKSI! These 2 cities are thousands of kilometers apart 😁

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Thank you for the correction!

No problem! At least you’re not making this mistake IRL 😂

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