Infinite_Ec’s Hectic Flights | Episode 1

A delayed flight and a connection, never goes together.

Welcome to Episode 1 of Infinite_Ec’s Hectic Flights! Today I will be hopping up to SFO to catch my connecting flight to Lihue, Hawaii. (Spoiler alert: That flight is also on the chaotic list) Anyways, I have to get to my gate to meet my E175 operated by Horizon air.

Here it is! This plane was given to us after 2 hours of no plane in LAX. And we have around 20 mins till boarding!

Boarding has started! Here is a bonus view of my aircraft!

Here is my seat! Pretty good view? Idk.

And out the gate we gooo!

Goodbye lax! See ya in about… 2 weeks!

Here is my snack on this 45 min ride!

Not that long after finishing that biscoff, we are now descending!

Average landing! Welcome to SFO!

Quick photo before I take a run for it to the gate. See ya in the next episode on my JetBlue flight to Lihue!

Episode 2 coming out soon! Thanks for tuning in! Let me know which one is the best photo!


Nice shots, by my inner Los Angeles citizen says otherwise. If you would like me to list the thing my mind hates, just ask.


I’ll wouldn’t mind if you could list the thing your mind hates 😂

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An Alaska plane at Terminal 2… it would be ok if this was 2016, but this is 2023, and Alaska has moved to Terminal 6. Pretty small detail but my LAX OCD has to mention it. Also the plane location markers on the biscoff picture, they count as UI, which is not allowed, but I will let it be, as the image itself is already funny.

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I like this, lol. Nice, next safety brochure

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You got it! Episode 2 tomorrow.

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