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I’ve received a violation for this reason, is loading forever… And I sent message to ATC and I don’t received any replies and I continued my flight and the only message I’ve received was the report lol. Why is the reason for this error?

Regarding the connection issue, I would recommend a few things:

  • Checking your device’s storage. If at capacity, make sure to free it up a tad.
  • Clearing your device’s cache for Infinite Flight specifically.
  • Checking your internet connection to make sure it is fast and secure.

Regarding the violation, I recommend you:

  • Contact the controller to discuss the situation.
  • Then, If you feel your violation was unjustified, you may contact appeals Via a PM on the forum. Make sure to include a file of your replay, and an explanation of the situation, in order that one of Infinite Flight Appeals Members can get your situation sorted out in the best way possible.

Hope this helps!

I’m flying at my notebook, I have 8gb RAM and 1TB, so it’s impossible the reason be device’s storage and cache, and my connection is ok.

What did you receive a report for? Maybe I can help to clarify what had happened.

Taxiing without permission, I asked for pushback and I don’t received any replies, and I asked again and nothing… So I started the pushback, and asked for taxi 2 times and nothing, I was thinking the ATC was offline and was a bug at my IF. So when I started the taxi, i was disconnected and reported. So, how he don’t received my ask, but reported me ?

Let’s please only help identify the controller who issued the violation; all discussion of the report itself must be left to the controller and the pilot reported. @Wendel, aside from your support ticket regarding the connection error, you may contact your controller to discuss the violation or you can use this link to get in touch with the Appeals Team straight away.

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Ah, I think I understand the situation a little better. What probably happened was your connection was temporarily disconnected, but the actual flight still continued. Since it appears that it was an honest miscommunication, I would contact appeals regarding the violation and they’ll be able to sort it out for you.

I was referring to the technical issue of the situation (server connection, device issues, etc), but you are correct that violation appeals should be kept to the appeals team only.

I’m flying for test now and when I arrive, I will contact, I’m having many problems with IF on Notebook and I received some reports that I would never receive on cellphone. But my cellphone is broken and I only have the notebook for fly…

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