Infinite Base - Your Infinite Flight Crew Center!

Wow, I may just put this into my VA once this comes out! It sounds amazing!


Is there any way you would be able to do a yearly/6 month subscription? It would be easier for me once my VA is finished the IFVARB approval stage.

I think it’s already a yearly subscription.

This is what I was going off of

Yeah, the prices are monthly. But you pay it yearly. So it would be almost €60/year, which is very cheap.

@roostbrood is right.
But I wrote it unclear, I will update my post.

Payments should be done per 6 or 12 months.
The reason for this is because my costs (server) is also based per year.

I assume a VA don’t have intentions to use this for short-term.


This is very important, most people trying to start an airline will not have the technical skills required to do this on their own.

I have many questions about it and many others may be thinking about the same issues, so I’ll ask here rather than pm.

  1. does the cost indicated include hosting the VA website or is this simply a license cost for the package?

  2. assuming you are providing hosting, how will you manage Domains? Can we bring our own domain to your host?

  3. will the site comply with current security best practice to encrypt and protect user data? (SSL, HTTPS, etc)

  4. who will be responsible for cosmetic changes to the site? (IE branding, color palette, etc)

  5. are airlines able to host additional pages (ie manuals, public facing info pages, event announcements etc) or would this have to be hosted elsewhere?

Finally, I can’t assist you with coding, but I have run many projects that dealt with CMS and other types of enterprise sites. If I could in any way contribute to your very worthwhile project (Beta test, feedback, etc) count me in.

@Takahashi No problem with asking here however most questions are already answered in my post but see below!:

  1. Cost is all inclusive. License + hosting and service/support

  2. You can bring your own domain, but you can also get a sub domain from me.
    Own domain will give you ability to have personalised emails etc.

  3. Of course. HTTPS/SSL is included as well and all password are encrypted. (bcrypt + Salt)

  4. Currently it is only possible to change logo by your self. However the ability to change colours by your self is on the planning to realise a personalise CC based on the colours of your VA.
    Because it is just ‘cosmetics’ this has a lower priority.

  5. No! packaging includes web space for your visitors website.
    So with the offer includes all basic needs for your VA will be fulfilled.

Any support & feedback is appreciated. Drop me a PM and we will keep in touch!


Small update:

I decided to make the Demo open for public.
Now everyone can take a look! It includes a few new updates.
Click here to go to the demo!

For ACARS PIREPs please track the following thread:


How much will this cost?


How to pay? Paypal, Credit Card?

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I don’t know, @ChrisToxz?

That is CLEAN @ChrisToxz, amazing work!


Is there a “Lawsuits” tab for when pilots crash their airplane then they get fired?

Ok. On a serious note, from the looks of it. It seems really clean as @Trio said. I would love to see that screenshot say Tanistic Air Virtual one day.

By the way, check your PMs

Paypal will work!


Crashes may could be detected with ACARS tho. :)
Thanks & Wilco!

Wish I knew how to even do all of this looks amazing keep up the good work

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This seems amazing! What VA are currently beta testing? Would love to try it out.

Hi Guys,

Hope you all doing healthy :)

Currently the development of IFBase is on hold. I think I underestimated the workload of this project. Managing new VA’s, answer question of VA’s, discuss about features, bugs, functionality with all the VA’s, managing the servers and after all of course the back and front end development.

All doing this by my own will take a long time to finish this.
I love this project and I would like to continue this, but I need a team for this!

To finish IFBase within a acceptable time we need:

  • 2/3 Project manager/Advisor (Able to discuss about needed features, functionality of them, roadmap, priority list and in contact with the VAs for general questions)
    I guess this would be not difficult to find.
  • 1 Server/Database manager (Dealing with the server which is needed to host IFBase and dealing with database related tasks)
  • 1 Front-end Developer (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • 1 Back-End Developer (PHP, with OOP understanding. MVC understanding preffered as well)

Hope we can get this team together to finish this project.


This looks interesting. I might consider using this for a PIREP system for me VA provided that I can find some spare cash ;D