Infinite Base - Your Infinite Flight Crew Center!


Infinite Base – Your Infinite Flight Crew Center
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After weeks of intensive thinking & development I finally can introduce my new project for Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight!

Infinite Base, what is it?
Infinite Base is a web based Crew Center especially build for Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines based on feedback and input from VA’s.
Of course it contains basic Crew Center functions but as well unique features in combination with IF!

What makes Infinite Base special?
Infinite Flight makes it special. IF allows developers to let their apps communicate with IF API which already resulted in awesome apps such as Infinite Passengers, In-Flight Operations, Infinite Assistant, Infinite X and so on.

This data can be sent automatically to your Crew Center. This way you will have automatically PIREPs. Data is accurate and cannot be manipulated.
This unique data can be really awesome to rate the flight and rank your pilots instead of using only flights/time/distance information. You will read more about this below in this post.

Current state?
It is still in development state. But some major features are working with basic functionality.
As well some parts needs to be reworked.

Working features
  • Dashboard
  • Routes management (View, Add, Edit, Remove)
  • Route on map with waypoints (Needs a rework)
  • Manual PIREP system (View, Add, Approval)
  • Airline & Pilot statistics (Total Flights, Total Distance, Total PAX, Total hours)
  • Add/edit pilots (Including permissions system)
  • Fleet management

There is a lot on the planning. Here some unique features which are on the list:

Planned features

In random order:

  • Cheap ACARS module
  • API Connection with In-Flight Operations for automatically PIREPs
  • Advanced flight rating / ranking system based on API data
  • Financial system in combination with advance ranking system
  • Advanced statics with graphs
  • Mobile Companion app, which will allowes to load your FPL from the app into IF. (Development planned in 2020)
  • Live flight map of your VA Pilots
  • Free front-end website layouts (Website for your visitors) ( No Weebly or Wix needed)
  • Bid on flight/Reserve flight.
  • Event manager
  • Advance HR management
  • Multiple language support
  • Cargo management for freight airlines.

Contribute to this project
Any contribution to this project like programming(CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP or C/C++), responsible for data, planning etc is more than welcome.
If you are interested to contribute in this project you can drop me a PM



Open image in new tab for best appearing!



View route

Add PIREP (Friendly validation)

Includes auto complete with airports data


What will I offer?
Due to several reasons you will be not able to host the Crew Center by your own.
But my offer includes everything! For example hosting and installation.

My package includes:

  • The Crew Center ( Unlimited routes, pilots etc)
  • Optimized for mobile usage
  • Hosting (Including access to FTP, email accounts, secure connection (HTTPS))
  • Webspace for your frontend website for visitors (No need for Weebly or Wix)
  • Included all upcoming updates
  • Customization of the Crew Center (Unique wordings, systems, functions etc special for your VA)
  • All features requests will be added to the list. (If possible and reasonable)
    Priority will be decided based on the situation and needs.
  • Full support including integration with front-end website (For example for Pilot application form or showing statistics on the front-end website.)

Infinite Base will be based on a yearly subscriptions per Virtual Airline.
This will give access to the Crew Center for your complete VA.
The subscription will be to cover the bills for the servers and you will treat me a cup of coffee!

All above package features will be available
for 4,99 EUR / 4,49 GBP / 5,50 USD per month / per VA.

Payments can be done per 6 or 12 months.

This price is very reasonable for above offered services.

Free BETA access

If you are interested to support Infinite Base you can access the beta with your VA.
Beta access will be free of charge, so it is possible to first look around before you decide to really use it. As well any reported feedback can be useful to improve the system.

Currently the system is almost ready to be launched as a BETA. A few VA’s joined already and they will start using Infinite Base very soon.

There are a few spot lefts to access the BETA. If you are interested, please drop me a PM.


Feature: Automatically PIREPs

More info here!

As I already mention the IF API contains a lot of useful data.
For example we can detect when you turn on or off your lights and at which flight level,
your N1% while taking off, taking off angle, your approach speed, your alignment, your glide scope, your touchdown speed, fuel usage and many more.

This data is great to decide the skills/performance of the pilot.
In general pilots are ranked based on flights/hours/distance. With this accurate data you can rank them on performance on the flight itself.
Was the flight comfortable for your passengers and according the rules? Did you follow the procedures correctly?

As well internal challenges can be organized, for example: who is the most fuel efficient pilot?
All this data can be retrieved automatically.

Solution for: Third party apps issue

I know there are many pilots here that have issues to run multiple apps next to IF.
This will be a bumper for automatic PIREPs
For this I came with a solution which is very cheap and doesn’t require any resources of your phone.
Just a small module which can be bought for a few bucks/euros, this module will act like an ‘ACARS’.
More about this coming soon!


Infinite Base is especially made for Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines, I want to make how they really need it, not what I like.
So I’m open for any feedback or ideas!
If you got something to make Infinite Base even more greater, just let me know!


Please drop me a PM if you are interested to join the beta or wait till there is a stable release.

Special thanks to

Infinite Flight - For this amazing community and useful API
@epaga - For working together to make his app communicate with the Crew Center
@Mika - For his help and advises!


Are you allowed to be advertising on here ?

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This is a third party app/website for Infinite Flight, I think it’s fine to stay here.


Ah okay just wasn’t sure 😂

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Technically he can, because its in #thirdparty

Wow @ChrisToxz this is very useful for VA’s in the works! Thanks!


wow this looks cool thank
I wan join va but I cant due to subscription


This is a very interesting crew center. I’m in contact with the VA (virtual airline) I work for if we should get the beta version, wait for the stable release or not get it at all. Hoping for a good response.

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About this crew center thing, will there be a way to manually fix glitches (like if I quit a flight while overflying an airport)

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I’m not sure what you mean, but currently f you quit your flight mid-air there will be no PIREP posted.


Wow just wow, looks amazing hope this becomes a big success for you👍


Like IF’s logbook will still show a destination airport even if you stop midair

But what do you want to ‘fix’?

At the moment the automatically PIREP will be only sent to the system after you have landed and shut down your engines
I my opinion a PIREP can be only made when you have a successful flight.
Stopping mid-air will results in a not valid flight, so no PIREP.
The data that is available is to less to make a proper PIREP.

However, a VA can request to have this differently for their VA only. A part of the customization services :)
A VA can still accept manual PIREPs if they want to cover app crashes mid flight.
However in my eyes that will be unrealistic.

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Looks great this will be very successful

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This looks amazing and it is cool to see someone from the IFC making a crew center service. This looks really professional and seems to be a decent price for the service provided.

I can’t wait to start seeing VAs using this!

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This is amazing! I was actually thinking about making something like this myself but you’ve beat me to it (hey, saves me the work in PHP which is a language I simply cannot stand).

I’m definitely going to have to get in contact with you for this, might be able to help with development.


Surely there’s added costs? How is it hosted?

I think there would still be a reason to allow modifying a PIREP (eg. any kind of event bonus)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of auto PIREPs.

BTW how strict are the criterion for a valid flight? Like will a hard landing invalidate a flight?

Awesome! I haven’t had time to read all of it, so when will it be released on IOS? Imma use it for my VA 😏

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Here you go


Modify/event bonus => You are completely right, will work something out for this!
(keep in mind that you always can submit a manual PIREP for approval as backup solution

Criteria => No so long you don’t crash every landing on a runway is a landing.
But later there will be a advanced ranking system an a hard landing can results in a lower score which effects your ranking.
However VA’s can disable this or change the criteria.

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