Infinite Assistant Landing Comments

First off, @epaga I LOVE what you’ve been doing with IF Assistant and a long time user.

Right, anyway, currently the only reaction to our landings are applauses when it’s butter or maybe “Parkey” and when I don’t get them a few times makes me what to say “I can’t believe it’s not butter”.

Could we get other remarks? I’m thinking of “Mark” the FO saying things like “I think I lost my dentures on that one”, “well this plane needs an inspection now”, “I think this airframe has more buckles than a Wyoming Bull Riding Champion” to even “ not bad, it’s not a crash”

At least something between Irish Butter and … well, a crash.


Not sure if I can get Mark to record new samples, but “I think this airframe has more buckles than a Wyoming Bull Riding Champion” is so hilarious, it makes me want to try. 😂


Hey, I’m a great “Mark”. I’ll do them for you

Haha that ones funny

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As long as it’s salted Irish Butter lol. I would say the name but don’t want to be accused of “product placement” 😂

Yes if non salted we dont buy it😂is it pak

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Mark: “it maybe not a butter landing but it was Irish Butter” 😂

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i can do some extra recordings or even update mine, i have a better mic now too

Update t/o profiles for new planes please.

Speaking of sounds … I just updated to the iOS 16 on my iPad and everything seems to still run right but the notifications while taxing when approaching runways is really messed up like the voice is 10x speed and distorted.

This might help → In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more! - #3087 by Black_Bird

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