Infinite Appreciations for Infinite Flight

IF 20.1 has been an updated of mixed emotions for many of us in the IFC. The server problems in the first week of the release and also the common crashes experienced by many users made it difficult for us users to see through the problems to the absolutely amazing update. I, myself couldn’t fly during the first week until the hotfix was released but ever since that I have been experiencing first hand the beauty of the B772, the convenient oceanic tracks, and of course the SIDs and STARs coupled with VNAV which have made the whole experience much more realistic and enjoyable. So, I think that the developers, moderators and everyone else involved in the IF team deserve infinite appreciations from all of us users.
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I know, the devs have created not a game but a top notch simulator for mobile devices at you’re fingertips. I love it and am probably never going to delete Infinite Flight, I totally agree with you, the reflections are just beautiful the 772 is great, this is hands down one of the best flight simulators out there, just a little below xplane11 on the tier list and that the devs listen to you, and that you can vote for new features in the sim, Thankyou Infinite Flight!

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