Infinite Alliance

Whirlwind airlines is now part of infinite alliance along with endeavor air and intrepid air. I would like to than willcrate.
check out the allainces website:
and check out whirlwind airlines website;
thank you.

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HI Guys,

you now have at least 9 different threads advertising your VA. It looks better to only have 1 maybe 2 threads which you update rather than many!

I didn’t think of that.
thanks I appreciate your help.
I will keep this comment as it is advertising both the alliance and my airline but other than that, thanks

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no problem, check out some of the other VA threads which are updated frequently with new information, helps to keep it all looking neat and tidy as well as being useful for people to find out information about your VA in once place rather than trying to get information out of several different places!

great. thanks.
just another quick question, if you know or hear of anyone who would like to join a va, my VA is recruiting.

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