Infinite Airways Virtual (Temporarily closed until Global)

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to my new VA, Infinite Airways. We offer many unique things for both our Pilots and Staff that are hard to find in another VA. Here at Infinite Airways, we like to be laid back, but those caught violating the rules won’t go unpunished. We have easy and flexible conditions for both our pilots and staff, something that is hard to find at a different VA, all while maintaining a level of professionalism. We are starting off small, but our ultimate goal is to become one of the biggest Virtual Airlines and make our presence known to the general community.


Dash 8-Q400
Embraer ERJ-170
Boeing 737-700
Airbus A320
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-200
Boeing 787-9

Can be found here

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Thank you all for your time, and things are looking very positive for this wonderful VA!


I know you can interprete ‘professionalism’ in plenty ways, but taking a picture of a Boeing 747 at WMBT is not exactly the definiton of professionalism.

Website overall looks decent, fonts could get a refresh.


Looks like you did the va by yourself it is to a pretty good level with just 1 person.


Of course we wouldn’t operate a 747 out of there (or any other planes in the fleet) it was just for the picture :P

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Yes I created it all by myself but I’m hiring executive staff.

There is also a 787

Thank you!

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Congratulations to @Jeffrey1o2 on becoming pilots manager and new recruits manager!

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He is not using every generic plane.

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Do you need a custom logo and banner? I could make you guys one courtesy from me!

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Thank you for the offer, we will consider it.

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Hi I just sent in an application for a position that I just found out was taken :/…Anything I can do to send in a new one for a different position?

I took a look at your application and you seem like a good fit for social media manager. You can post pictures, info on the airline, and info on airline events. Would you like that position instead?

If there is something I can do to help manage the airline, I wouldn’t mind doing that. But if not, I will gladly take that position.

How many pilots are there in the VA

As of now there are none

Actually a position just came up for New Pilots Manager. I reviewed your application for Pilots Manager and if you want to be New Pilots Manager then you have the job. As New Pilots Manager, you help the new pilots, train/help them if necessary, and after about 5 days you pass them on under the regular Pilots Manager control.

Okay sounds great! Should we continue this conversation in a PM?


Congratulations to @JRRaviation on becoming New Pilots Manager!
For anyone thinking of applying for an executive position, apply quickly they are filling up!

For someone with 11 hours of flight time what jobs would be open?