Infinite Airlines Virtual [RECRUITING NOW] A Brand New VA With a Difference

Welcome to IAV, a VA with a difference

Well we are not your conventional airline copied from the real world, no, we are the complete opposite. IAV is a professional VA split into three main detachments, QRA, Military and Civilian, therefore meaning there is a chance for everybody to enjoy themselves within IAV! Even better, we are original and unique with no real world basis’s except for our rank system!

About our Detachments

QRA - This stands for Quick Reaction Alert and is the only of its kind in the IF world! Based of the real world RAF QRA our pilots are the most talented and devoted IF has to offer and are ready to scramble 24/7 to professionally recreate emergency situations. Thanks to extreme training and frequent exercises some of the most professional pilots the community has to offer are protecting British Territorial Airspace every day of the year!

Military - Our military pilots are well trained and involved in many disciplines from taking part in airshows, protecting our civilian fleet and crew or carrying out defence and humanitarian operations, we do a wide range of missions in a assortment of aircraft from our operating bases all across the globe. Even better, thanks to our state of the art wing system giving you the opportunity to operate out of a new corner of the globe every few months.

Civilian - Simple. Our well trained pilots are the backbone of society and the transportation world from getting your mail across the world in a day, bringing you fresh bananas, getting you to a tropical island or to an urgent meeting we are always ready with a vast fleet of cargo and passenger planes and we even assist the military in busy periods.

So come on and join the VA of the future as one day you may be flying out of the Maldives with the sun rising and in the evening a Military Support Mission over Columbia. There are endless possibilities if you choose to fly with us.

Our Rank Structure

Based off the RAF Rank structure our extensive structure ensure there is hierarchy in every part of the VA

Cadet (Cdt) - Basic Trainee Rank
Corporal (Cpl) - Specialist Trainee Rank
​Sergeant (Sgt) - Graduation Rank
Flight Sergeant (FS) - 20 hours
Warrant Officer (WO) - 50 hours and 2 weeks membership
Pilot Officer (Plt Off) - 2 months membership
​Flying Officer (Fg Off) - 100 hours
​Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) - Trustee’s
Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr) - Staff and Senior Trustee’s
Wing Commander (Wg Cdr) - Detachment 2IC’s and Staff
​Group Captain (Gp Capt) - Detachment OC’s and Senior Staff
Air Commodore (Air Cdre) - Issued upon Appointment
Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) - Senior Commanders
​Air Marshal (Air Mshl) - COO
Air Chief Marshal (Air Chf Mshl) - CEO

​These ranks may not always follow the criteria set out above.

Our Staff

CEO - @Callum5124
COO - @BlueFlame0351
Chief Pilot - @Trevor_A
OC Military Detachment - @BlueFlame0351
2IC Military Detachment - @TangoFizzle
OC Civilian Detachment - @Goran12
2IC Civilian Detachment - @samueltherohtlaan
Graphic Designer - @HockeyMan06
Community Relations Officer - VACANT
Community Relation Assistant - VACANT
Head of ATC - @samueltherohtlaan
Recruiter - VACANT
Head of Recruitment - VACANT

More Staff Roles are also up for grabs and will be announced soon!

Your Journey when you join us!

You will:
Join our discord
​Undergo basic training
​Select to be either a military or civilian pilot
​Undergo detachment training for your chosen detachment
​Be free to fly with us!
​You will have great opportunities to fly all over the world in a variety of planes and take part in lots of events with some great people as well as have the chance to become a staff member!

So what are you waiting for?
Come and join us today!

Join here:

Check out our website:

Join the QRA Detachment:

Our Partners

Say hello to Porter Virtual.

We have recently partnered with Porter Virtual and look forward to working with them more in the near future!
Their website:
Their Thread: Check out our newest event! | Porter Virtual

LOT Polish Airlines Virtual
Their website: Under Construction

We are an official partner of KQVA
Their website:


A massive thanks to @IceBlue mainly as well as @DeerCrusher and his team for there wonderful support during the IFVARB process!

A massive thanks to a little bot called Dyno for purging hundreds of messages recently!

Also a massive thanks from the CEO and COO to our pre-approval staff team who we would be stuck without including @samueltherohtlaan (who unfortunately has moved on) , Joshy, JMarauder, @Goran12 and TangoFizzle! Thanks guys!

And finally from the CEO (@callum5124) a massive thanks to the COO @BlueFlame0351) for his amazing support during our first few months.

Thanks to all those mentioned


I’m proud to be part if this VA and being wing commander.

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Thanks! Happy to have you with us!

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Is this topic and your VA IFVARB approved?

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Yes we are a fully IFVARB approved VA!

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Wow, such a professional group! It sounds really hard to get in! Good luck! :)


No not hard to get into but you will be well trained when you join! We will take almost anybody and make them top notch!

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Any rules to remain in the VA?

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Be active! We are not too strict but expect respect to higher ranks and for you to be online regularly!


What dos the fleet look like?

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You can find the fleet list here for Military: and here for Civilian: If you have any more queries just ask!

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Thank you sir! I wil take a look.

Edit: Looks Good!

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Are you thinking of joining, if so fill out the form here and we will get back to you:

Sorry I am a buzzy person. And flying for Frontier to!

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Thank You for looking anyway but we are always open to new members if you change your mind…

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Heared you just got confirmed! Congrats and good luck! @IAV_Official 😉😉

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Cheers mate, we appreciate it


This looks like a nice VA, best of luck, I may apply for graphic designer if you need one

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Yes, go for it! We shall send you a message shortly.

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Same here. I’m thinking about Community Relations Manager

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