Infinite Airlines Virtual Official Thread | A New Year, A New Thread, A Lot Of New Additions

Welcome to the Official IAV Thread


We are IFVARB Approved

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About Us

IAV is a one of a kind Virtual Airline that successfully incorporates both a Civilian and a Military Detachment. One day we may be flying out of the Maldives with the sun rising and in the evening a Military Support Mission over Colombia. There are endless possibilities when you fly with IAV.

Civilian Detachment

‘The freedom you have is what sells it for me, personally. The IAV Civilian Detachment is a great distraction from the struggles of life, a place where you can sit and watch the world pass by in your cockpit. Just take to the skies in a short-haul commuter route, or a transoceanic cargo service. Airbus or Boeing, Europe or Asia, the boundaries are truly global. IAV gives you the chance to be truly infinite.’ - Wing Commander EGLL, Civilian Pilot

The Military Detachment

‘Commanded by personnel with real world Military experience, the IAV Military gives you the chance to experience life as an operational pilot. The Military is based on the Royal Air Force of Great Britain and - as the leadership have first hand experience of the service - we offer you the chance to partake in professional missions inspired by real world events. The IAV Military is the best way to serve.’ - Air Marshal BlueFlame, Military OC

For more details on both detachments please see here

Introducing The CEO

Greetings, my name is Callum, I was born and bred in the UK and I have a passion for all things military and aviation. When not busy running the VA I like to sail, climb, ski and scuba-dive and have a passion for the outdoors and most extreme sports. So what’s my job in the VA? My main job within the VA is to manage the everyday running of the VA, plan the future of the VA and approve new events, new projects and more. I also help with the Civilian Training and other minor tasks keeping the VA moving from day to day. This is an exciting time for us. We hope you can be with us to enjoy it. Air Chief Marshal Callum5124, IAV1CEO, Infinite Airlines Virtual Founder and CEO

The VA In Detail



Founder and CEO - @callum5124
Military OC and COO - @BlueFlame0351
Civilian OC and Chief Pilot - @Goran12
Military 2IC - GamingMad101
Civilian 2IC - Coming Soon
Community Relations Officer - VACANT

Staff Vacancies

Role: Community Relations Officer


Mature and Proffesional
Good Understanding of the Community
Ability to effectivly use Discourse inc. Formatting
Good Community History
TL2 or Above
IF Live Subscription
Able to meet IFVARB rules and restrictions on staffing. (IAV will screen you for this)

Why IAV?
Infinite Airlines Virtual is a one of a kind VA in the community with both a military section run by personnel with real world experience as well as a Civilian section allowing us to offer the best of both worlds to our pilots. For more information on IAV please visit our website or contact us via DM.

How To Apply
To apply please contact @IAV_Official and @callum5124 via Direct Message. From there we will give you further instructions and will be able to answer any questions you may have.


Cadet (Cdt) - Trainee and introductory rank.

Warrant Officer (W.O.) - Granted to exemplary Cadets in training.

Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) - Basic Officer rank. Given rank straight out of training.

Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr) - High levels of flying service and dedication to the VA.

Wing Commander (Wg Cdr) - Detachment 2IC’s and Basic Staff. Staff promotions are NOT assigned roles.

Group Captain (Gp Capt) - Detachment Commanders and Higher Staff.

Air Commodore (Air Cdre) - Gained by showing outstanding dedication and service beyond expectation.

Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) - The first rank unable to be gained by service. Awarded to Senior member of the VA.

Air Marshal (Air Mshl) - Second in Command.

Air Chief Marshal (Air Chf Mshl) - Chief of the Air Staff, CEO of the Airline.

All ranks below AVM can be achieved through outstanding flying service and dedication to the VA to varying extents. The above are only examples and are subject to change.

Thankyou for visiting our thread today. We hope to see you again soon. In the meantime if you may have any questions or queries please post them below. Many Thanks, The IAV Team.


IAV Is One

As IAV gets to its first birthday we would like to thank all our members and associates past and present for all their help and we look forward to another action packed year!


This thread looks very good! I’ll have to take a look in joining:)


One of our Civilian Pilots on final.

Credits: @Pandu_Margi

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I have a question: when I go to Join (in the web) there is a question which is “application credits” what are the application credits??

The application credits are for you to put anything that you believe may assist your application. @Infinite2674

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Thank you for answering!

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No worries. Happy to Help.

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Good Morning Everyone,

I understand that many of you have not heard from us on the community but we are happy to say we still fully operational having just completed our first military mission of the year, Operation Blue Moon and with a second beginning very soon so there’s no better time to join our military section.

Meanwhile for the community we have a range of civilian and military events in the works.

On another note recently we have had issues with the application system although that has been fixed and all users have been contacted however multiple users have provided an incorrect name which we have been unable to find so if you have not had a response please re-apply with your correct IFC Name.

Thankyou for reading and we look forward to hopefully seeing you flying with us or at one of our events,


The IAV Team.

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On behalf of the team at IAV i am happy to announce that we are officially one year old.

Following VARB Certification one year ago 2019-02-24T18:57:00Z, we set to work finalizing everything and one year ago today IAV was officially launched.

Since then we have had many ups and downs but our members have stuck with us and we have kept going strong with around 20 members on average who collectively logged 27,779 minutes (approximately 463 hours) of flight not including many more hours of training.

Our sincere thanks go out to all members and affiliates but especially the following:
@IceBlue - VARB Liason During Certification
And Many Others

With another military operation (Op Black Snare) just launched and much more coming i look forward to leading IAV through another great year.

@Callum5124 - IAV Co-Founder and CEO

PS: I look forward to seeing lots of you at our Anniversary Event this coming weekend. More details to follow.


Congrats! Can’t wait to see the event! I’ll be attending on behalf of us all at IFACARS 😄


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