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About Us

IAV is a one of a kind Virtual Airline that successfully incorporates both a Civilian and a Military Section. One day you could be flying low level over the Persian Gulf in the dead of night while your friends in the Civilian Section could be ferrying Cargo across Asia. There are endless possibilities with IAV.

Civilian Section

‘The freedom you have is what sells it for me, personally. The IAV Civilian Section is a great distraction from the struggles of life, a place where you can sit and watch the world pass by in your cockpit. Just take to the skies on a short-haul commuter route, or a transoceanic cargo service. Airbus or Boeing, Europe or Asia, the boundaries are truly global. IAV gives you the chance to be truly infinite.’ - Wing Commander EGLL, Civilian Pilot

The Military Section

‘Led by highly knowledgeable staff, the IAV Military Section allows you to experience life as a front-line pilot. Our Military Section is based on the UK’s Royal Air Force and our extensive research and knowledge allows us to provide you with a realistic and professional experience whether that’s training back at base or deployed on operations. There are endless opportunities from flying aid to the Caribbean during the hurricane season to dropping troops over hostile territory or conducting Combat Air Patrols. The IAV Military Section is the premier way to fly.’ - Air Marshal BlueFlame

For more details on both sections please follow this link

The VA In Detail

The Leadership Team

Co-Founder and CEO - @callum5124
Co-Founder and COO - @BlueFlame0351
Chief Flying Officer - @Goran12

Staff Vacancies

Military Staff

  • Your task will be to organise and run the Military Section from day to day alongside your colleagues, prepare and lead realistic Operations and more.
  • Following your application being received you will be required to undertake an interview and to complete a number of spectated flying tasks in a variety of Military aircraft.

Civilian Staff

  • You will be responsible for managing the Civilian Section on a daily basis as part of a team, assisting with organising internal and external events from time to time and more.
  • Following your application you will be required to undertake an interview with the Leadership Team.

Why Choose IAV?
We are a unique VA in that we offer endless opportunities to those who prefer both Military and Civilian flying. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us through DM

How do I apply?
To apply for a Staff Position, please send a Direct Message to @callum5124 and @IAV_Official including the vacancy you are interested in and a short paragraph on why we should consider you for the role. We will then direct you further from there.

The Rank Structure

Air Chief Marshal - CEO
Air Marshal - COO
Air Vice Marshal - CFO
Air Commodore - Other Leadership Team Members
Group Captain - Section OC
Wing Commander - Section 2IC
Squadron Leader - Senior Pilot (May begin to assist with Section Ops/Events)
Flight Lieutenant - Senior Pilot
Flying Officer - Junior Pilot
Pilot Officer - Rank Post Training
Warrant Officer - Rank issued to exemplary cadets during training.
Cadet - Rank during training.

_There are no set requirements for promotion only confidential guidelines based on hours, activity and other factors. Promotion is at the discretion of the Leadership/Staff Team who retain the right to alter rank as well as terminate membership at any time.

Join Us Today


Thank you for visiting our thread today. We hope to see you as part of IAV soon but in the meantime if you do have any question feel free to shoot us a DM.
Happy Flying,

The IAV Team

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Until 0000Z on Sunday 9th February, only Staff Applications will be processed to fast track the recruitment of new staff and accommodate their training.

In the meantime pilot applications are still welcome and we will try to accommodate your recruitment as soon as possible hopefully before this time before after the aforementioned time we cannot guarantee that we will be able to process your application.

Additionally, if you have any questions regards the applications or any other matter we will he happy to help you through our website or Direct Message on the forum.

We look forward to seeing you as an IAV member in the near future.

Happy Flying,

The IAV Team


I just applied 👏

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Great to hear. We look forward to seeing you as part of the VA soon.


Good new Thread! Hope to join 🤣👍

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Thanks! We hope to see you soon.

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Thanks to our great staff and changes of circumstances we are now able to process all applications, staff and pilot, and the current applicants should recieve joining instructions imminently.

For those who have not yet applied, we are still welcoming staff and pilot applications. You can apply here.


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