Infinite Airlines - Providing best crew websites!

Dear community members, especially CEO’s of Virtual Airlines!

I’m proud to present to you Infinite Airlines - Virtual Airline website management!


What is it?

Virtual Airline Manager is a very useful thing for VA’s as it helps to organize it. Starting from ranking system all the way to schedules, PIREP forms etc.

We create a custom website for your Virtual Airline which will be fully customizable!

What system do you use?

We use all systems available on this planet! Anything you can imagine!

There is an option that we can create a Virtual Airline website without VAM system but with WordPress, for example

The most popular options are phpVMS and Virtual Airline Manager system. They both are available to be installed on your website! They are extremely easy to use but if you will struggle we offer absolutely free, almost 24-hour support!

Is it good looking?

Yes, it is!!!
We don’t use any weird hostings which will add their domain name to your website, as well as ads. Custom website will be on a subdomain. The main domain address is! Custom address will look like

What about the price?

Right now it is absolutely free! However, it might change in the near future as we have to pay for the hosting and other stuff which is necessarily for customer’s best experience.






How do I order one? Or what to do if I have questions?

Don’t forget to check out our website and contact us by either an email to org PM on the community forum!

Disclaimer (sorry for ruining your comment): Approved by @DeerCrusher, special thanks to Matt and Schyllberg!

Looks good. I’d be interested in this in the future


Looks good! Good luck and have fun!


Seems a very good service! Just wrote an email with a few questions!


That’s is wonderful! Really Helpful. Thanks!


Developers needed!

If you have any experience with web development and you are motivated to work in a fast-paced environment, we want you to join us!
To join please fill out this form: and we will be back as soon as possible!

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Update #1

We are very happy to say that in the last month we have developed websites for 15 VA’s!

We are now offering a new service! If you order a CrewCenter with us, we will fill it with all latest routes, airports and planes for you in a matter of hours!

Place your order today to be the leading airline tomorrow!


I pm’d you, with some information!

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Very nice! Me and a friend are thinking about creating FlyBe VA and this would be perfect thanks!


we currently use if for our VA(now in the final process) and we love it. hand up for the creators and Developers.

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Update #2

  1. New skin is now available for installation*:

  1. All VA’s must be in apply for IFVARB certification before requesting a CrewCenter.

  2. If we have made a website for your VA and it has been shut down, please let us know so that we can provide faster service to our other clients!

  3. If your website was not active for at least one month, it will be deleted.

/ * - It was developed by Parth Parth, we are very thankful to him for such a great skin!

Thank you very much and see you in the skies!

(You can also join an event,more info here)


Awesome! I just enquired by email :)

May I order a CrewCenter and get the routes and airports…?

You can’t get the routes in your Crewcenter via Artem. You can buy routes, airports and the fleet of a specific airline via

Update #3

  • We have released twitter account, so you can see any updates or issues we have in real time!

  • We have added support for IF Checklists! It will now appear automatically on the flight briefing page.


Update #4

  • We are running out of space on our hosting, so we are asking all ex-VAs to contact me if you are not using your system anymore so that we can free up some space :)
  • New website was released:

A friendly reminder, you must be in the latest stage of application process to request a website.



None of the links work @Artem_F ?

This program has shut down.

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Ahh that will be why, thank you.

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