Infinite air show @ KSFO - 151200ZAUG15

Server: free flight

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: *7:00 pm Dallas Texas time

**NOTAM this flight will be a air show we are going to have a380 and 777 only we will do a fly by and a landing competition I will pick the judges later

Please make your topic is in Zulu as many people don’t use Dallas Texas time. Also please include the date of your event as that is very important.

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Its not dallas time whats the actuall time zone its in :/

Yes I know it is just that Zulu is easier for people that don’t live in the U.S.

Title edited to meet event title guidelines.


Pleas join I will be in a 777 American Airlines

The event has sterted

God speed @nicholas_defterios! KSFO on the free flight server is… well, yikes!! Stay safe out there, don’t forget to duck. (JK). Sorry I am not brave enough for that.

Pleas watch

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Lol, there is no safe place to watch at KSFO

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Pleas I want you to

Pleas pleas I really want you to

I just spawned in a gate and had someone hit me on their landing. Smh

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I was flying next. To yo on American Airlines

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