Infinite - A phpVMS Skin designed for Infinite Flight

Many VAs use the popular Virtual Airline Administration software phpVMS to manage pilots and PIREPs, but not many are aware of the potential of this software.

Introducing Infinite. An all-in-one phpVMS skin made specifically to suit Infinite Flight.


  • Website and Crew Center smoothly integrated
  • Website meets IFVARB requirements
  • Super Lightweight
  • Easy to use and install

It’s Open Source!

As a gift to the community, this skin is 100% free and open source under the GNU GPL v3 license. All the details and documentation is on GitHub:

If you have any questions about this skin, feel free to ask them below 👇
If you encounter any issue at all while using this skin, please utilize the issues function on GitHub.
Pull Requests to fix issues are greatly appreciated!


I’m currently working on getting a demo up and running, so expect that soon!


Pilot Center

Front Page

Note: Statistics are done through phpVMS’s built in API, since this is set up on my testing sitem the statistics are not correct for VGVA.



Version 2 is out an includes a staff page and a redesigned homepage to include newest pilots and recent PIREPs. Check it out:

Download it at

If anyone has any feature requests, feel free to let me know via PM or make an issue on GitHub


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